Hello, cherry blossoms 🙂

I hope this lovely Springness put a smile on your face, not that we need the Spring season to smile, but heeeeey it might help 😀

This month’s theme for CHIC Limited event is……..guess……..”Cherry Blossoms” (!!!) and here I’m going to show you the amazing newest release from Miamai:

Sakura Revealed

Sakura Revealed, from the BlackLabel Collection, a tribute to the delicate beauty of the Sakura flower.

Sakura Revealed 2

It’s a gorgeous sculpted dress decorated with cherry flowers on chest, skirt and head (yes, there’s also a headpiece!) and absolutely sweet petals that add the final touch to this piece of art.
I also love the color of the dress and the flexy part of the skirt, which is perfectly jagged.

Cherry Blossom

I thought the Exile Sakura hair was definitely perfect for this dress, those little pink flowers go really well with the hairpiece and, believe me, when I wore this hairstyle I didn’t think at all about the name and the style itself matching the dress, I just noticed after, when the pictures were done, and I went all……….oooohhhh, Sakura! 🙂


I want monica Outlander for president!

Ciao 🙂 xxx

  • Dress: Miamai – Sakura Revealed– for CHIC Limited
  • Hair: Exile – Sakura
  • Skin: Mynerva – Vanilla/Variety Makeup
  • Location: Twomoons Island

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  1. Cajsa Lilliehook

    I am so glad you’ve joined us. The post is fabulous, but also everyone gets to see what you do in a “longer form” with multiple pictures and it’s such a win, win for your readers.

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