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A Day In My Second Life

It always starts the same way, that infernal RL Gidge logs me in, and rouses me from my slumber and lazy girl ways.  Luckily, she appreciates my desire and need for a hot, caffeinated beverage before even thinking about getting my pixel life going. Continue reading

Settled in For The Morning

I forgot I had this COZY chair from Fri.day and decided it was just the touch my bedroom needed. It’s a great piece for snuggling and unwinding when you don’t feel like heading out into your pixel life. It comes with three different blanket snuggling animations, as well and some regular sits too.

I saw this adorable wall decor from a brand called FOLLOW US on Marketplace.  It’s a little primmy because it’s sculpts but it’s cute. I do wish she’d release in mesh though, because I will end up replacing it pretty soon just due to the prims. However, it’s super inexpensive and great props for photoshoots. Continue reading


Baiastice recently released an adorable cozy winter set that goes well together but also works gorgeously for separates.  The suede skirt and rich warm tights come with a belt that you can choose silver or gold version.  The sweater is a double layer which includes a turtleneck.  Continue reading

Sundown on Bourbon Street

I See Faces As They Pass

The heavy mahogany canopy bed from Trompe Loeil was a perfect piece for my new skybox, and I was so excited to unpack this new chemise from Baiastice that I thought they really needed to go together. Continue reading

Cyber Geisha – More Than a Web Cam Girl…

That’s right. Cyber Geisha is a spoiled digital girl. As soon as I saw her at the Another Fundraiser 2 event I knew she was a girl after my own heart, and she had to be mine.

If you haven’t been/heard of the event yet, this is a fantastic fundraiser which is benefiting the Red Cross Relief for Japan. You can pick up skins and tattoo makeups all for 50L and the variety and choices are outstanding. Everything from traditional faces to this very festive Cyber Geisha. Continue reading

What Goes With Pig Ear Glasses?

…anything I want.

Elusyve and I got various fun glasses at Kik the other night and my own favorite are the pig ear glasses.
I used to have an aunt who was forever buying me shirts and sweatshirts with farm animals on them.
I’m not sure why she thought I would want or would wear such a thing.
But, if she’d have come up with pig ear glasses, that’d have been a win. Continue reading

Waiting For The Bus

I rarely to never do a Look Of The Day type post simply because 90% of my SL is log in, shoot, log out. So I never actually bother to dress FOR me anymore.
But I’m trying to change that and actually see other cartoon humans, and in keeping with that I went about shopping with a couple of my best friends the other night.
Yeah I know – OUT OF THE STUDIO AND EVERYTYHING. Continue reading