Grace by Cachet

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This is a dress I got just to show off these pearls from Muse. Yes, the dress is elegant and gorgeous, but it’s all about the pearls. The thing is, folks, you have to appreciate the craft that lead to the design of a  dress that is beyond perfect for showing off elegant jewelry.

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Photographer/Model: Cajsa Lilliehook
Shape: melli2 by hatchy
Skin: Este Valentina by Imagen
Eyes: Soulful Hazel by IC Eyes
Hair: Jojo by Calico Creations
Necklace: Margaux Draped Pearl Necklace (white pearl/gold clasp) By Muse
Earrings & Bracelet: Claris Pearl in Gold By Muse
Dress: Grace by Cachet

Shoes: Metallic Pumps by Detour

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