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If you love shoes, you always get a jackpot on the 21st


Penumbra Fashion Week continues for just a few more days. I decided to feature another dress from A la Folie. This one is Gloria and I chose it for a few reasons. The sunny color is a delight and a wonderful contrast to the cloudy skies. I also love pencil skirt and the Sixties styling. It makes me think of Oscar de la Renta from that era. Then, it is the 21st, which means 21 Shoe, which means the gorgeous shoes that are after the cut are for sale for this day only, and this dress and those shoes seem made for each other.


I have not been to Roche for some time. I dropped in to visit and confirm that it is still one of the loveliest sims on the grid. Continue reading

Long-Legged Mini

Skin Flicks has released a bunch of minidresses that will make your legs look like the go on forever.  They’re a bit short for my usual taste, but are made quite well and are different enough from most minis to be really interesting. For example, the lace-up bodice on this one is repeated with a lace-up side seam on the skirt.

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