Snow White & Rose Red: The Ice Ballet

Tres Jolie Flocon de Neige

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This single mother living in the woods had two daughers whom she gave the idiosyncratic and slightly lunatic names Snow White & Rose Red. The two sisters got on well and did everything together.

The loved running around in the woods and especially loved running around in the woods in fancy skating dresses with big poufy skirts. Even running around all night, they managed to avoid any serious trouble which is one clue this is a fairy tale.

Bax Coen Ice Skates

They had several adventures where they help ungrateful elves, noobs and club owners, but kept their impossibly perky helpful attitudes intact come what may. (Another clue this a fairy tale.)

However, the typical fairy tale ending did not happen for Snow White and Rose Red. Snow White was already married before the story even started and Rose Red was unlucky in love, though she objects to that characterization. “Four of my closest friends are exes, that’s not that unlucky.”

So they decided to fire the Brothers Grimm and start their own fashion blog that keeps them way to busy for dallying.

Beauty Avatar Melody Skin

Diversity Hair Lira

If you have never read the real fairytale, it’s here. A sardonically annotated version is available here. There are lots more photos in the Snow White Rose Red set here.
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  • Poses: AnaMations
  • Skin: Beaty Avatar Melody Skin natural 11 R
  • Nails: Symphony Skins Tintable
  • Hair: Diversity Hair Lira Grenadine & Iconic Blonde
  • Dress: Tres Jolie Le Flocon de Neige
  • Tres Jolie Le Flocon de Neige Rouge R
  • Bax Coen Ice Skates
  • CAllie Cline Diamond Drop Earrings

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