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August 25th, 2021 – Butterflies

One of my favourite places on the grid is Happy Mood. Sasaya Kayo made a gorgeous sim/store, that has been around for years and keeps getting cuter. So I took my toon and her prettiest gown to go for a walk there, and was met by a hundred butterflies. I couldn’t help but try and capture the moment.

Credits :
– Body : Maitreya – Lara
– Head : LeLutka – Brinannon
– Shape : home made
– Skin : VCO – Mihwa – Dark tone
– Mole : Veechi – Star Moles / Dark Right – Evo X
– Skin add-ons :
*Jack Spoon. Picnic Days Chest Sunburn(freckles only)
*Izzie’s – Body Summer Blush red dark
*Izzie’s – LeL Evo X – Freckles 05
*Izzie’s – LeL Evo X – Summer Blush red
– Hair : TRUTH / Poetry
– Necklace : KUNGLERS – Elke necklace
– Eyes : Banana Banshee – October – Earth pack
– Earrings : ANDORE – Stars & Gems [LeL Evo X – Elf]
– Rings : (Yummy) Fairytale Rings – Maitreya
– Dress : Una – Kamilla Dress & Corset White Opaque
– Butterflies :
* [!SyDS! Hair] Butterfly attachment (nose)
* Lauria – Butterflies


Monica Outlander of MiaMai has realeased a perfectly named dress called Fascino – Fascination. As you can see, it’s a dress made to fascinate and draw the eye, from the form-fitting glittering bodice to the eye-catching belting and neckpiece to the oh-so-captivating low back. It’s a dress that feeds your eyes.

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It's Me

Yes, It’s Me under that black hair from !SyDS! that is named It’s Me! Like other !SyDS! hair it is simultaneously marvelous, wonderful, exciting, gorgeous and irritating. I want it in RED!!! I also would love a color script to change the color of the jewels instead of having only pink ones. Please, the quality and innovation is too good to leave us so short on options.  This is one of the fabulous hairstyles !SyDS! made for Accessory Fair 2010 – so get thee hence because even if it’s not red, it’s still red hot! Speaking of red hot….

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Noir³ Argent²

I was thinking it would be fun to do color formulas like we do chemical formulas. Instead of H2O, we could write Bl4Si2 when we wore four elements in black and 2 in silver. Or, we could do it in French to make it more obscure and seem more fashionable and chic and write out Nr4Ar2. Yes, there you have it. Sometimes my mind goes off on odd tangents and speculative journeys.  This outfit sent me off on that journey while I was wondering how to explain what in the heck I am doing wearing black hair. Actually, the explanation is quite simple. I saw this hairstyle from !syDS! for the Accessory Fair and just love it – and they only made it in black and white and it’s no mod so I could not tint it. In between thinking about sending out a call to Redheads of the World to Unite and storm the barricades and swooning over its bold and audacious styling, I just had to wear it. Even if it’s not red.  So one of the black elements is the hair.

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Spring Breaks Softly

Spring is edging its way into our lives. In the courtyard, the magnolias and dogwood are blooming and in Second Life, well in Second Life for many it’s perpetual summer, but sometimes we let a little seasonal luster into our lives – particularly in fashion. That’s why when featuring two new items from the Accessory Fair, I decided to go with the very spring-centric Olethea dress from Lelutka.

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