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Not for all the Rhinestones in the World

The textures in the different clothing in this outfit are actually much better than rhinestones. There’s such depth and interest whether it’s the marvelously made top from Maitreya’s Bubble Skirt dress, the intricately patterned skirt from MiaMai or the rhinestone-cowboy-kicking boots from Adam N Eve. I would not trade such depth and interesting textures for all the rhinestones in the world. Add the amazing jewelry from EarthStones and this is a texture-gasmic outfit.

I thought it deserved a great setting for at least one shot – and fortuitously, while I was getting dressed, Lizzie Lexington sent me a landmark to Minute Papillon, a lovely spot for photos. Best of all, you can rez poseballs for photos.  And doesn’t it look better for the glittering lights to be in the trees?

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B&W, Braids & the Hottest Shoes Evah!!!

I recently found a couple of darling black and white dresses, both heavily influenced by vintage styles, both from relatively under-blogged stores and oddly enough, I wore my hair in braids with both of them, though totally by accident. What was not an accident was my choice of shoes – the hottest shoes ever, ever, evah! But first, here’s a lovely black and white pop print from Lost Dreams with the useful and descriptive name Retro Dress.

This dress also has a pop print though the shape is a good decade older. It’s name is Delana Kisses, an unhelpful name unles you think those teardrop shapes remind you of Hershey’s Kisses or something. This is from ROC.

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Now, this dress is as far in spirit from the white Odelia dress in my last post as the Norwegian song I will share in this post is from Tryggare kan ingen vara. This is a hot, sultry dress promising the the world  just as the old Norwegian song Oleanna promised the emigrants who left for America. It’s the Norwegian version of the Big Rock Candy Mountain – in spirit. And this dress is as rich in promise.

This time the English and Norwegian versions are done together.

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