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A little seahorse

I was listening to Devandra Banhart last night as I was shooting and he kind of makes me think of colors and pastels and mashing things up in a playful way and this is what I ended up with. The top comes from a pink dress (most of my pink tops come from dresses since I accidentally deleted my entire folder of pink blouses) from New Zero aka PixelDolls. It’s a very sweet top with a lovely green ribbon prim in the back.The skirt is from hanamachi and is delightfully springlike.

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Stealing Tops

It was a sad, sad day when I realized I accidentally deleted by Pink/Peach tops folder. Yes, in a frenzy of inventory cleaning I deleted a folder instead of an item in it – and then emptied the trash. Now, I would have minded less if it had been my gestures folder since I never use them, but sadly, it was my tops folder with all my pink and peach blouses. Dang! Don’t clean inventory when held together by TheraFlu.  Thank goodness I can cannibalize dresses and use dress bodices for tops which is what I did here.

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