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I’d Like to Be Under the Sea



I was not sold on this dress the instant I saw it at Collabor88. It had to grow on me like tentacles getting a purchase and expanding their hold little by little until their prey is helplessly entangled. I loved the bodice from the instant I saw it with the corseted bodice, the welted seams, the rick-rack trim, the buttons. I was in love. Octopi, though, that took some getting used to. I guess my memories of pulpo en su tinta with my host family in Spain remain fresh after two decades. But really, it’s a cartoon octopus, so I got over it.

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Confessions: Gluttony


Recognizing the happy coincidence of PXL Creations’ Seven Sins Gacha Skins coming out the same week as the new Buckcherry album Confessions, today I am featuring Gluttony.

I get it started and then I get brokenhearted
Because I can’t get a hold of the beast
It’s like I’m blind, I’m running out of time
Everything I crave is out of reach

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An Ode to Collabor88


Like as the waves make towards the pebbled shore,
So do fashionistas hasten to spend
Their lindens at the fabled store,
Where prices with an 8 must end.

Fashions released into the light,
Inspirations are monthly crowned.
So colors and styles do not fight
But work together in a colorful round.

Fashion’s flourish is on the eight.
And hordes descend to browse and buy
The sim is full if you are late.
But worthy shoppers, in delight do cry

“I made it in! I can browse to my heart’s content
Or, at least until all my lindens are spent.”

Yeah, I know. Don’t quit the day job.

Let’s be honest, we all look forward to the 8th. It’s not just that there is a monthly collection of fashion derring-do, but there’s a fascination in discovering how the different designers take the same inspiration and colors and produce so many very different results. This month, Collabor88 doyenne and Sea Hole designer, Drinkenstein Sorbet, was inspired by the warmer climes of India, producing the Pan Bahatt collection. The collection features a sexy, skimpy top and skirt in bold Indian prints and colors. However, coming from a cooler state, I decided to just wear the skirt. It’s strange, I know, but I feel a bit chilly when my avatar is not dressed for the weather. The skirt, though, is a delight and can be mixed with so many other things.

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Glitter Bug

My look of the day is magically delicious! Uber girly sparkles galore!

I hit up a couple sales events and got myself an outfit made for Friday nights!

Nothing better than being cheap but not looking cheap – if you catch my drift.



Hybie Is Wearing:

Skin: essences – Tuesday *the last kiss* light – TDR Fusion
Hair: Clawtooth – Jump Magic – Lady Shimmer Blonde – C88
Outfit & Headband – The Sea Hole – Shimmer Shift – C88
Eyes: IKON – Horizon Eyes – v2 – Pale Purple
Picture 1 Pose: HelaMiyo – Poses Nooooo

Almost Bald And No Edits

collabor 88

I was in a bit of a rush this morning so first of all, I was in a dither. I had the new hair from D!VA which is PRECIOUS at Collabor88 except, for some reason this one just doesn’t suit my face. D!VA makes PRECIOUS hair, and it’s exactly the sort of hair I WANTED so, I dug out a style from a month or two ago. VOILA.

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I Love Your Outfit


I was DJing my usual Sunday morning jazz set at The Velvet when Reverie Boucher, a friend of mine, dropped by wearing an outfit that I just loved. I liked it so much I asked her to let me blog her outfit. What’s funny is that Hybie also blogged the outfit on Monday – though in different colors and styled differently. Goes to show that you can wear the same thing and look very different depending on colors and accessories. The sweater and blouse from Tres Blah are a fabulous piece. In Second Life® as well as in our first life, pieces like these are investment pieces as they can be worn with so many things, casual or dresswear, with pants or skirts.

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Shiki Gets Meshy


I am so happy to see Shiki releasing in mesh with this lovely summer dress. The dress has been released in six different prints from this soft and delicate blue to bold tropical oranges, all with the distinctive Shiki love for florals. Not all clothing should be made of mesh, but for this silhouette, mesh is the ideal option.

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Things my father taught me

Using alternatives to PhotoShop - I edited this with LunaPic to emphasize the pouring rain.

I have many great memories of my father. I remember him singing and playing banjo, dancing with my mom and telling stories with a twinkle in his eye. I remember his voice and his laughter. One of my strongest and most powerful memories, though, is from a day he made me miserable and angry.

My dad and a picture of the woods above the river

I grew up in the country on the far side of a lake, deep in the woods. It was a 3.5 mile walk to the school bus, though I often shaved some off that by taking deer paths through the woods. That day it was raining and dad offered to give me a ride to the school bus stop. We had gone about a mile when a squirrel ran in front of the car and we could hear a slight thud as it was struck by the car. Dad pulled over to make sure it was dead, but it had run off into the woods.

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Mixing Mesh


In my quest to find mixable mesh, I have found a few allies. Two of them, Eboni Khan of Hucci and Drinkenstein Sorbet of The Sea Hole, are featured in today’s post. What makes them an ally? Producing tops and skirts as separates so I can experiment with them in different looks beside the singular one they envision. This gives me the movement and texture depth and resolution of mesh and the flexibility and creativity in styling of system clothing – the best of both worlds.

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The First Time I Ran Away


I am mixing mesh pants with a system sweater and sculpts, assured that the system top with be firmly tucked in to my pants waist band. This sweater is from The Sea Hole and has a gorgeous teal and brown crocheted lace insert down the front. It comes with a rounded neckline. With all embellishment on the front, I did not want to add a necklace and decided to add this lovely brown collar scarf from The Secret Store.

The first time I ran away I saw
Faces in the dreams I heard
Voices in the storm they say
Uh, uh,… water falls
Uh, uh
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