What Every Fashionista Needs – and how to make it

All but the most flamboyantly exhibitionist of us have an outfit or two that we adore but are reluctant to wear due to over-exposure. So, we might wear the outfits only with our beloved – knowing that sort of exposure is a treat for his eyes alone. But, taking a few minutes, we can make ourselves some undergarments that will make the outfits something we can wear in public and not worry.

In this post, I am wearing two SHAMELESS outfits that defnitely expose everything, a feature, not a bug, in the eyes of the daring designer Trinity Eales. For me, pixel prude that I am, I needed a solution.

So, what to do? First get naked and go to Edit Appearance. You are about to make yourself some nude lingerie. The settings in this post are for the Laqroki Amy skin…but you can start from there and fiddle until you get them right for your skin. Now, we aren’t making anything pretty, but it will be pretty useful. We want undies and bra to cover the pubic hair and nipples in a skin tone that blends well into our own. Incidentally, I sometimes make my own glitch pants this way too when they don’t come with an outfit or are too long and no mod.

It’s pretty easy, click the new underpants button and ignore the texture button. We don’t want any pretty lace texture that will make these noticeable through the sheer fabric they lie under. Click on the white box to tint it. You can adjust the Red/Green/Blue balance or the Hue/Saturantion/Luminosity (adjusting one adjusts the other). As you can see in the picture, the RGB for my nude underwear is  212,171,25 and/or the HSL is 32,50,66. You can start from that and adjust to match your tone. Click Save. After you make the set, make sure to name them something that makes sense to you, like MY AMY NUDIE PANTS.

Then you can wear sexy, sassy outfits like this liquid leather outfit

and bold body-baring catsuits like this and know your not over-exposed. You can be as SHAMELESS as you want to be and still be a pixel prude, : )  There’s more photos on Flickr if you like.

Photography by Cajsa Lilliehook <a href=”http://slurl.com/secondlife/Koh Nana/105/173/22″>MDR Photo Studio</a>
****STYLE NOTES******

  • Eyes: IC-Eyes Soulful Hazel
  • Skin: Laqroki Amy 06
  • Lashes: Cyber Netic L4B1
  • Nails: Bijou deepDream Nuts
  • Hair: Bishwear Seductress
  • Clothes SHAMELESS Liquid Leather Brown
  • Shoes: KL Anita in Brown
  • Jewelry: Persona Triple Chair Necklace and Bracelet, Wood-Splint Earrings, Circle Pendant Necklace
  • SHAMELESS Catsuit Dot Set (includes boots)
  • Digital Dragon Designs Rings and Things Black
  • Moon Rounds of Rings black

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  1. Cajsa Lilliehook Post author

    I cannot take credit. When I wore the black catsuit above for Valentine’s Day and disappointed many with my “body armor”, my then-partner Maht coined the phrase.

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