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So the first thing you are saying is GIDGE WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? At work, dude. At work. New job means TIRED TIRED TIRED. And I decided that since I am so chronically tired, I would show you what I want to be wearing 24/7 in RL.

I own intirely too many pajamas for a game where sleeping isn’t an activity I do. But I’m obsessed, I love to find fun, cool pajamas to wear. I’ve held impromptu pajama parties at my house, or gone to club events etc. Most recently I attended the Hair Fair pajama party the night before the fair opened. Low ARC was not on the menu that night, as you can clearly see.

The pajamas I am wering, alas, you can’t buy. They were the free item given away by Trinity Eales at a huge Pajama party Cajsa and I hosted in conjunction with Alice07 Barzane’s Peppermint Blue club. Trinity gave away three different sets of Pajamas including slippers and a pillow to rest your pretty little head on.

Pajamas, or a sleepytime look can be a fun costume though, so if you’ve got any don’t discount them for Halloween. I added a robe from Total Betty and the rollered hair I got at Weird Shit. Moon had to change the name of Weird Shit because apparently the Lindens found it offensive. Amazing because I’m pretty sure that there are places called F*ck A Dead Walrus  and the like, but Weird Shit was forced to change their name. Of course, I can’t remember their new name. Moon has many, many many AMAZING costumes there so if you are interested, drop me a notecard and I’ll pass you a landmark. She also has many his and hers costumes which is great for couples.

Click here to see the rest of the photo shoot.


Fashion Details

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – Peppermint Blue Party Red
  • Hair – Rollered Hair from Weird Shit
  • Pajamas – Lila from Shameless (includes slippers and pillow)
  • Robe – Total Betty – Cozy Plush Green Bathrobe

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