The Surrealist Dance Hall

When you go to a place called the Surrealist Dance Hall, you need to expect oddities. And that there were including a shadow that followed me everywhere, but looked like a man. I had originally gone there when everything was black and white and immediately decided to wear this black and white dress that reminds me of Joan Miró, but when I returned, the place was absolute vibrating with color.

While pondering what to do now that my black and white on white and black idea was not operational I was surrounded by dancing tables and chairs. Nonetheless, you can see the Miro influence in the black and white print in the Everlasting dress by SD Wears which is echoed in the luscious Babii white pumps with the black sole and heel from Adam n Eve.

The tables and chairs will follow you as you move round the dance floor, so you just have to appreciate their humor. Meanwhile you can enjoy the surreal musicians on the surreal stage and have an altogether surreal time until you hear this shouted exclamation: “Surrealist Dance Hall Destroy All Red Button shouts: What are we going to do?  Cajsa deleted the collaboration!”

And then you will be on the grass – on an almost empty field. As I said, surreal. Check it out. The Surrealist Dance Hall

Photography by Cajsa Lilliehook MDR Photo Studio
****STYLE NOTES******
Skin: Curio GP Classic Doil
Hair: Diversity Hair Milly
Dress: SD WEars Everlasting
Shoes: Adam n Eve Babii Pumps white
Bangles: Dela Bangle Bellini black
Earrings: Swallowtail Black and White Earrings

2 thoughts on “The Surrealist Dance Hall

  1. sasyscarborough

    you look fantastic and the sim looks like so much fun, I think your outfit was perfect ♥

    xox Sasy xox

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