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Inspiration Unfolds


Monica Outlander of MiaMai released her newest collection on December 8th. I love her shows. They are always an extravagant and imaginative work of art with music, text, illustration, photography and fashion coming together in a meaningful and thoughtful performance. I missed the show this time since my computer was still in need of repairs, but that doesn’t mean I missed the collection.


I found myself inspired by this rich brocade gown that brings together traditional formality in texture with a modern silhouette and avant garde embellishment. While brocade has been around for over a millennium, it reached its heyday in the 18th century. I have a mental image of one of the weavers who produced the lush silks for the Sun King’s Court seeing this brocade gown with its antlers and wings and wondering why she had not thought of that.

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Still Hungering for Mesh


FaMESHed is a monthly showcase of great original mesh content. I have no objection to designers who work with templates to produce new and original versions of more generic designs. I am glad there are options for great texture artists to work in mesh even without the technical expertise needed to produce original mesh work. Still, there is something exciting about an event where you know that every item is an original work. I was pleased to see Rebel Hope participating this month and am in love with the fabulous wool dresses that have been released in advance of the fall season.


The dress is beautifully made with a gorgeous flat self-binding edge around the bodice. This accentuates the shape and highlights the neckline subtly. The fabric is a gorgeous herringbone weave in a light summer wool, making a perfect fall dress that could be worn as a jumper for a blouse or paired with a sweater or jacket – or on a warm day like today, worn on its own. My shoes are from Celoe – a lovely fawn color with a slender heel and a pointed toe. I know podiatrists probably love the round and square toe fashions in shoes of today, but I very much prefer the pointed toe in general. It just feels so much more dressy to me.

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The Moon Is on Ice


The Sakura gown from Azul comes alive in the moonlight. This is a dress that needs to be seen to be truly appreciated. The flow of the fabric is slow and gentle, far from the windsock in a hurricane I usually end up with when playing with a flexi-prim.

The moon is on ice
It smiles from above
It lights up the night
And sends you its love
And sends you its love
In a small cafe
You said you were mine
The moon is on ice
Sitting alone
And love is the price
It won’t let you go
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