There's a Reason – For the Sunshine Skies

posted by Gidge Uriza

and there’s a reason that I’m feeling so high

must be the season when that love light shines all around us

So let your love flow…….like a mountain stream and let your love grow

with the smallest of dreams.

This one is for Rebel Hope and RH Engel.  This is my salute of respect for their creations and I hope that they remember that no matter what happens that is bad……..there is so much more good out there.

I hope everyone patronizes them in some way – not because you NEED something but as a gesture, that it doesn’t matter how much thieves copybot and steal – real customers will always exist, real customers will buy from you.

Our hearts are with you !

Style Notes

  • Skin – Curio Vixen Limon
  • Hair – Mirone – Faye in blond
  • Dress – Clara Bowe – REBEL HOPE
  • Shoes – Insolence – Marie Jeanne

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