Bloggity Blog – An It's Only Fashion PSA

posted by Gidge Uriza

It never fails to amaze me the really talented creators I will hear say things like “I don’t know how to get my things blogged” or “I’m too shy to send review  copies, what if they don’t like me?” And then there are the dramanistas stirring it up with the whining about who gets blogged and how often and how person X NEVER GETS BLOGGED WAAAAAAAAAAAH.

Seriously, when I see this – my thought is “Wow, you seem to have a lot of time on your hands, why don’t you help your friend out with some PR work promoting them to bloggers?”

But instead of being an asshat, I decided that what is second nature to me and the bloganista community (I just made that up. That’s my word – Bloganista – you may use it but you gotta pay me 10%) might be an alien adventure to those you not card carrying members of the Fashion Mafia. So I want to share with you how it SHOULD work and what you SHOULD do, if this is important to you – or to your friend who apparently can only have you speak for them.


  • Spend some time in the feed and learn who the reviewers are. Even on this blog where I blog with Cajsa who is my BFF and one of the people I respect the MOST on the Grid – there is huge diversity. We are not the same and you need to know something about the blogger and their style before appearing on their blog.
  • Are their photos good? More importantly, do you LIKE their photos. There are several people who in my opinion take bomb ass artsy photos but that don’t showcase the fashions well – you need to be aware how your products might be shown.
  • CAN THEY SPELL AND CONSTRUCT A SENTENCE? At least on a regular basis? (look that was a fragment!) If you dig blogs written in lolcat or baby-talk that is all good – but be aware of your writer. Chances are good that if the writing style is poor – the traffic is poor.

SECOND UP – Pick Your Blogger(s)

  • Personally I believe that over-saturation is hard to achieve but some people do it. Remember that no one wants to see the same thing 100 times but some creators work around this by sending a small assortment to people so that even though 10 people get folders from you there is a good chance of variety in their presentation.
  • Spacing out your review copies is also good – but remember some people have a backlog (these are the big baller bloggers) so don’t expect turn around and a post right away.
  • Don’t be afraid to pick smaller bloggers – in my opinion you see a LOT of creativity in people who might not be on the feeds but write well and are good photographers.


  • Any blogger who EXPECTSA REVIEW COPY is a jerkwad and you should not use them. I blog a ton of people who have never once GIVEN me a thing. Review copies are a courtesy and if you are interested in sending them, then thank you very much!
  • You also have the option of sending bloggers a gift card to your store and let them pick and choose what they want.
  • You do not HAVE to send them anything, there are a couple of people who simply send me notices about what is new (I am not in their group) and I do pop over from time to time to pick up these things.
  • Feel comfortable asking bloggers if they accept review copies. Frankly they’re like crack to most of us – and you are the manufacturer of our drug of choice.
  • If you ask for Critique – don’t lose your mind if you get it. We want you to be successful. And we look at hundreds of pieces of clothes a week – we have a clue. We’re just trying to help. If you don’t want critique – DO NOT ASK FOR IT.
  • If you are sensitive, look back at step 1 – do not use bloggers who give developmental feedback publicly.
  • Develop a communication with that blogger you’ve chosen – I truly DO blog faster the people who I have strong communications with. It’s human nature. 
  • Realize who your target audience is. Work with bloggers who appeal to THAT audience.
  • If you are unsure – ask someone else. Ask other creators. Even creators who do not USE bloggers have opinions on whose work is worth a shite and whose is not. Ask’em.
  • And you can ask Cajsa or I, if you like. And no – you don’t have to use us to blog your stuff. We understand if we don’t FIT your styles or what you are promoting. But we’re still glad to help if you have questions or want suggestions on blogger names!

style notes

  • shape – gidge custom shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – FRICK – Group Gift – Retro Pinup
  • Eyes – Poetic Color – Lavender Fields
  • Hair – Novocaine – Kavie – Champagne
  • Earrings – La Gyo – Little Robot Earrings
  • Pants – FD – Belted Trouseers
  • Nails – Frick Blue Nails
  • Shirt – See this blogger is a dork – she forgot to write down the shirt info GAH! Now I have to log in later and fetch it!

0 thoughts on “Bloggity Blog – An It's Only Fashion PSA

  1. Jori Watler

    But an adorable dork – and a well written blog, again, Gidge.

    I watch this blog – I love the styles, humor and facts thrown out. There is always something I find myself saying.. “Mhmm” or “WoW”

    Thanks for your insight – and your closet escapades.

    Jori Watler –

  2. momola

    I love this entry…

    “Can they spell and construct a sentence…”

    OMG that’s so true…

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  4. shelbyrasmuson

    As a blogger many of those issues apply also….
    A blogger needs to know just how much work (he, she) can handle. Blogging for review (I am slowly learning..) is quite different from blogging things you buy, or put together in your inventory.

  5. IJ Styles

    Interesting post. Blogging as we know, is an online journal of something like personal thoughts. And as a Blogger, we held a lot of thoughts about what we want to blog about and things revolving around it.

  6. Harper

    Well spoken, Gidge. If nothing else, designers shouldn’t be afraid to at least ask; but it pays them in the long run to do their homework. That way, if you design high fashion, say, and some writer is only interested in neko accessories or cyber-grunge, you’ll know who won’t be interested in doing a review, or will likely dis you if they do.

    I think the key thing, though, is to at least try for a few reviews. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, after all; and in a business, where publicity is the lifeblood when it comes to getting people into your store, bringing your name the buyer’s attention is vital. Some might even take the attitude that a bad review may help as well, on the basis of “any publicity is good publicity,” as long as their name gets out there.

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