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Quick Look:Boutique!

posted by Gidge Uriza

Tenshi Vielle’s Boutique is aptly named- you’ll find vendors all over including on the store. So mind that – the things you want to buy you might be standing on. I’ve chastised her though – I think some of her best things are hidden away upstairs. Silly rabbit.

This Victorian wrap shit and skirt are made with an irreverant irridescent hue and are casual but nicely tailored. Continue reading

Having fun with tints

I picked up the marvelous Exile Shir hair – a fundraiser for Heart of Love – and love it’s classic looks and its flexibility. That clip holding the french twist in place is color change, but it’s also modifiable, so I could color it to be as matchy-matchy as I wanted. Now how fun is that?  And if you get this marvelous hairstyle you will also be helping the Heart of Love campaign.  It’s the epitome of win-win. Then you can wear it with the over the moon wonderful watercolor sweater and skirt from Uncle Wiggily.

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