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This simple little dress from Drift is a perfect summer dress, loose-fitting and casual. It comes with a HUD so you can choose all the colors. In fact, it comes with two textures, a cotton knit and this lovely satin and each texture has its own little hud full of color. However, I thought I would wear it with some leggings because it was a little breezy and I was afraid the wind would catch it and cause an indiscretion. The Lydia Slingbacks that Ingenue did for Collabor88 are as perfect as can be.



The bolt leggings from MichaMi sure look great with it. I had to go to XS to get it to fit under the dress, but that okay since the dress covers the skinny butt. Well, not completely. When I walked, the dress and leggings intersected from behind, so moving was more of a circumnavigation so that I faced forward.

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All Summer in a Day

mar 05_003

Yesterday my cat acted like a lunatic, running from one end of the apartment to the other, howling at the ceiling, even standing on the back of the couch on his hind legs, pawing at the air above his head and howling. He seemed to have taken leave of his senses. Today when he was back to his usual placid self, it clicked for me. Yesterday was a bright, beautiful sunny day and I had the window blinds all the way up to let all the sun in. Today it’s back to gloomy, cloudy rain. His reaction reminded me of a favorite short story by Ray Bradbury called All Summer in a Day. I remember reading it for the first time in 8th grade English class and actually crying in class. I found a short video on YouTube, cheekily low-budget and totally faking the ending. The filmmaker probably thinks people can’t handle the real ending which is a stark look at childhood cruelty without a Hollywood ending of redemption.

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A Good Day for Tweed



Today is a good day for tweed. The sun is shining and it is colder than usual. There is enough wind to make the cold work its way to your bones if you are not dressed for the weather. But put on some nice wool tweeds and you will be impervious to the wind and ready for anything. When the tweeds look as good as these, you will be more than ready.  Continue reading

Lazy Days


I am so in love with Hybie’s photo, I hallways don’t want to post and move it from the top of the page. I am lazy today and wanted to wear something comfy and cozy. This fun, loose and comfy top from NYU seems perfect for the day curling up with Anti-Fragile, my current read while marrow bones simmer away, making a rich broth for some risotto. My cat is on my shoulder while I read and I am sure he must have an opinion on the state of the world.


I have an opinion on this top. I love its details that elevate it beyond the t-shirt that it first appears to be. Notice the high cut arm holes, the neat edging on the sleeves and the gorgeous button-down back and lovely sweeping curve of the hem. This is casual, but also chic.

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Reflections, Not Resolutions


Chic is the word for this Drift jacket. You can see its lineage in the glorious history of Chanel with its short-cropped waist, it’s beautifully tailored fit and the rich wool fabric. The skirt, from CIA Designs, is beautifully made. With its relatively high waist, it will work well with all sorts of tops and jackets. For the With Love Hunt, it is only 10L and comes in red, brown and blue. It is one of the can’t miss hunt items. Make yourself comfortable and you should find it. 

New Year’s Eve has never been a big holiday in my family. Most of the day was spent cleaning and preparing for New Year’s Day which was much more important. We always had a sparkling clean house and a feast on New Year’s, honoring a folk tradition that what you experience on New Year’s Day is the harbinger of the coming year. Well, one thing you would not want on New Year’s Day is a hangover! We didn’t make resolutions either. This was probably more the influence of my mother more than any tradition. She always said that if you plan to do something, just do it. If it’s important enough to do, it’s too important to delay until the new year. What we did do, though, is look back at the year and appreciate our good fortune.

Those traditions continue. I have been cleaning today. I am having a New Year’s dinner party tomorrow. And I have been looking back at 2012 and appreciating my good fortune.

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Wake Up!


When I was growing up, if I woke up tired, grumpy or out of sorts and complained that I didn’t want to get up and go to school, my mom would say, “Well, you better wear a wake up outfit, then, hadn’t you?” A “wake up outfit” was anything with bright, cheery colors or prints, clothes that could make you smile when you look at it. I’m all grown up. My mother is gone, but on a gloomy, grumpy morning, I will still turn to clothing to lift my mood. I put this on as a sort of prophylactic outfit, hoping to stay up for a good portion of my friend Maht’s mahrathon for Heifer International. Of course, my computer did not cooperate, crashing constantly, so all it’s wake up powers went untested.

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I Get By With a Little Help With My Friends.


My computer has been hobbling along lately, in need of a new graphics card and system upgrades. That is one reason why I shoot fewer pictures with shadows and projectors. I can crash if I even think about doing that. But the worst symptom is how antisocial my computer has become. Any crowd, even if I drop RenderAvatarMaxVisible to 1 overwhelms and crashes my computer. I can rez about two people before crashing, so when I DJ I zoom in on the wall so I don’t see anyone. Needless to say, huge events like the Arcade Gacha are completely off limits. I saw one item in the shopping guide that I wanted desperately. I did run around to several yard sales on this huge list of gacha yard sales, but the people who are buying the pesca stoles are keeping them. Fortunately, I get by with a little help from my friends. The red plaid stole I wore yesterday was a gift from Gidge and Sylvia Olivier dropped this and a pink version of the Pesca stoles on me. They are certainly my favorite of the Arcade Gacha treasures made even better by virtue of the generosity of friends.

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Quietude 2


When I was wearing that gorgeous purple dress yesterday, I thought this fabulously chic coat that will soon be released by Drift would go so well with it. Certainly, I would wear the two together in a heart beat. The pumpkin of the coat is complementary to the wine in the dress and they would be a natural color combination. Alas, even pairing a large coat with a XS dress, parts of the dress came through in the back and in the elbows. Sure, I could shoot pictures with straight arms facing forward, hiding those flaws, but then as soon as you wore, you would know that the pics were misleading. So the coat needs to be worn with system clothing – a good reason to save the best of your system clothes despite the switch to mesh.

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Peripatetic Posing


Whimsy Winx made some photoboxes for My Attic, the discount room at The Deck, that should have all retro and pop art lovers running to pick them up. The theme for this My Attic event is Shaken, not Stirred and Whimsy produced three boxes, Shaken, Stirred and Royale. As soon as a saw them, I thought of the dresses from Drift for Vintage Fair with their fabulous op art prints.

aug21_014 copy

After I shot the set in the WinxBox, I was picking it back up from the platform and backed into the Dual Projector Pose Box from Status and with the windlight setting I was using for the other pics, it really made a striking effect, reminding me a bit of David Downtown or Rene Gruau illustrations. I could not resist snapping a few pictures because the effect seemed so cool. It really emphasized the headpiece and necklace from LaGyo that I picked up at Collabor88.

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