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The Cuteness Olympics

If you want to enter the Cuteness Olympics, be sure to go to Shirohato which must surely be certified as the official cuteness supplier for the Olympics. Today’s entry consists of a lovely babydoll called Petite Oiseu or Little Bird, an apt name with the lovely little birds on the skirt.

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My Hair Is On Fire

Well, not really, but it sure looks like it. And it certainly could be given Gidge going all drama on us! However, I will still try to keep the drama free pledge and focus on this adorable little mashup. The blouse comes from one of those excesses of goodness you get at Bare Rose – the Angela jacket. You know June would never just give you a fat pack of jackets without something extra like this fabulouse white blouse that goes under the jacket.  The skirt is made by maruko05 Aya whose store Shirohato is in Japan Village – a wonderful place for finding surprises. The skirt comes with a perfectly lovely white blouse, I just wanted to wear one that went all out with the outrageous prim collar like this gorgeous one from Bare Rose.

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