Modavia Fashion Week 2011.15


The first show on Tuesday was from Neferia Abel, showing her contemporary label L’Abel. I had computer issues during the show and only saw two of the outfits. Technically I saw several others but only the prims rezzed and all the system pieces remained gray. Of course, I was crashing like mad. I think SL was hinky, because then the sim crashed, giving me time to figure out which viewer to use for the rest of the day. I tried from the beginning Viewer 3.0, 3.0 Beta, Firestorm, Kirstens, Catznip and lastly Synchronicity and that one finally rezzed people’s clothing for me and let me snap pics without crashing. In fact, I only had one crash during the next three fashion shows.


Next up was A La Folie, The first shot is the designer Pixivor Allen. The collection is a range of romantic looks with vintage inspiration. There’s plenty of sparkle, too. If you watched Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this week, you learned that sparkle and bling are far, far different things and never the twain shall meet.

There’s such whimsy and humor in her collection with pieces such as the dress with a train of roiling waves ready to sweep her away.
I fell for the red dress with the bows up the side. Sexeh!

Oscar took this pic
I have to include this photo, raw and uncropped. I had the camera positioned to capture the end of the runway. While I was watching, my cat, Oscar would occasionally hit the keyboard. Well, he began kneading the trackpad and he took this snapshot. He’s obviously a born phtographer.

Sonatta Morales

The next show was from Sonatta Morales – whose clothes harken back to the days of the “big-shouldered broads” like Joan Crawford, Bette Davis and the others whose powerful personas defined an era.

Sonatta Morales 2

Sonatta Morales clothing is always so alluring and feminine, but with a strong, sleek look that suggests women of power wear them.

Donna Flora

Donna Flora’s collection also draws from vintage clothing, but adds modern elements to make fascinating and fabulous hybrids such as the 1950’s coat with a shawl collar worn with contemporary modern stocking. The coats were among my favorite pieces of the day. She draws from many decades and even centuries, dipping into the 18th century for a ball gown fit for Marie Antoinette.

Donna Flora 2

Another couple of favorites are the dress with peacock feathers and the glorious gold bonbon with the cream and gold underskirt. I love the bold strokes of cold on the underskirt.

Sadly, I had to leave and missed the last two shows of the day with Azul and Entre Mares. I regret not seeing them because I know there would have been some amazing beautiful pieces.

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