Where were you when I needed you?

Remember me writing about my indecision, my running around from sim to sim, all in the effort to find a costume for MDR’s Midsummer Night’s Dream party?  That was just last Friday – but lo, what should appear in my notices window last evening?

It is not that it’s an outfit from Annalee Balut, one of my favorite designers. Or that that outfit is free for the month of August. It is that the name of this outfit is Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream.  So, i have to ask, Where were you when I needed you?

No excuses! Midsummer is  in June.  Our party was six weeks late, so you’re even later. Besides, think of all the hustle and bustle you would have saved me. And I would have loved the harlequin tights, the harlequin motif that runs through it all. It’s fun, it’s delightful, it’s one week late.

This outfit has everything you need, including stockings and a hat. All I added were shoes and jewelry. The shoes are from Armidi and the jewelry from Hi-Flo. I also used Rha! Clothing’s Boot fix. If you want to see what this pose is like without it, you can look at this photo on my Flickr.

The skin was a freebie from the Baiastice treasure hunt – a J&J Skins offering. I chose it because the makeup was theatrical and used the same color palette as the dress.

Photography by Cajsa Lilliehook MDR Photo Studio

****STYLE NOTES******

  • Eyes: IC-Eyes Soulful Hazel
  • Skin: J&J Skins free hunt from Baiastice Hunt
  • Hair: Jada Style Katherine Black
  • Manicure: Love Magic Glossy Pink
  • Outfit: ALB Shakespeare’s Midsummer Nights Dream August Freebie
  • Shoes: Armidi Gisace Oxford Leather Ankle Boots Pink
  • Jewelry: HiFlo Laroca Nueva Purples
  • Rha! Designs Boot Fixer

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