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Change of Heart Change of House

I’m a huge fan of Trompe Loeil houses. I tend to get in one house, however, and stay it in for quite a while. I decorate like mad and I just can’t stand having to start over again. I liked this winter lodge Trompe Loeil released recently, but from my first glace I thought “Oh it’s not for me but I’ll blog it.”

Then I stood inside it.

Sometimes the magic is in the light. Sometimes the view is what takes your breath away and you realize that if you woke up every day with the sun pouring into these windows, you’d feel the warmth of that pixel ball even though such a thing is impossible. Continue reading

Fall Weather is Here – Get Out Your Tights!

Posted by Gidge Uriza

Since I never throw anything away, I had these excellent ribbed tights that were part of a funky disco outfit from Pixel Dolls last year. When I saw this sweater/skirt set at Honey Soul – I knew they’d make a great fall look. Continue reading

Back to Black

posted by Gidge Uriza
When I met Sable Heartsdale, I knew right away she’d find her niche in SL and be a boon to anyone she worked with. She was MY boon for a short time when she was my assistant manager. Since the dissolution of that team she’s gone on to manage and now co-own the Royale Elite Gentleman’s Club .

I wanted to pop over and check out her new place but couldn’t decide what to wear. I hadn’t pulled out this sweet little prim-skirted dress from Honey Soul yet so I thought why not – it’s understated but club-kicky-fun (is that a word? No, probably not). I LOVE the detail at the straps – really sets it apart from your generic prim-skirt dress doens’t it? Continue reading

She's Got The Way To Move Me, Cherry

When I saw this outfit on Freestyle a while back I had to run to Honey Soul to pick it up.
So cute, festive and perfect for a day of roaming the hard pavement streets shopping for that next perfect accessory. I don’t normally carry purses but this sweet little cherry bag from Artilleri goes with the shoes and both match the dress – and well HOW was I supposed to not wear them all together?
I’m not sure how much more precious this outfit can get.
If I could have found a set of cherry earrings or hair bobs it might be perfect.  Continue reading