Back to Black

posted by Gidge Uriza
When I met Sable Heartsdale, I knew right away she’d find her niche in SL and be a boon to anyone she worked with. She was MY boon for a short time when she was my assistant manager. Since the dissolution of that team she’s gone on to manage and now co-own the Royale Elite Gentleman’s Club .

I wanted to pop over and check out her new place but couldn’t decide what to wear. I hadn’t pulled out this sweet little prim-skirted dress from Honey Soul yet so I thought why not – it’s understated but club-kicky-fun (is that a word? No, probably not). I LOVE the detail at the straps – really sets it apart from your generic prim-skirt dress doens’t it?

And you’ll be delighted to know that I’ve finally remembered to pull the slurl for Dinee Ghia’s jewelry shop. This necklace I am wearing is a true locket, holds a picture and opens & closes. There are many lovely, classic pieces here. I know I am compulsively clad in this Hearts and Doves locket.

Fashion Details
Shape 190cm Peppermint Blue
Skin – J&J Skin – Pupa Natural EVO – Mattone
Hair – Diversity Hair – Ember in Coal
Eyes – Purple Rain from FNKY!
Shoes – Jane – Night- From Tesla
Earrings – Contessa from Degroot
Necklace – Hearts and Doves by Dinee Ghia
Dress – Glitter from Honey Soul


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