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Bayou Pon Pon

It’s Mardi Gras and I thought this lovely dress from JE Republic suited the holiday with it’s bright bold orange and gold colors. Adding the fabulous Efe skin made this a great combination for the holiday which should be celebrated with great Zydeco music such as Bayou Pon Pon.

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I've Got It All Wrapped Up

Silly puns! I love them. Of course, this dress really is too beautiful for puns, isn’t it? I love the rich silk brocade with the ancient Chinese prints inspired by old painted vases and silk screens. Even without that glorious bow adornment, this dress is a sophisticated homage to the ancient silks of China, but that bow…oh yes, that bow. Don’t you just love how it angles so it frames the face and draws your eye to the neck?

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Back to the Winter Garden

There are five flowers in Modern Gypsy’s Winter Garden. In this picture I am wearing the Rose, another exuberant bouquet of dancing prims.

You can contrast that to the more structured architecture of Asian Lily whose exuberance is expressed through the riotous fabric texture.

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Red Christmas

Looking for a perfect holiday gown – this Anastasia by Vogue might be right for you. I found it at the Vanity Universe Winter Fairy Tale event that’s raising funds for Care International – which was my mother’s favorite charity, making it easy for me to splurge a bit.  The brocade bodice reminds me of christmas wrapping paper. Certainly, if you wear this, you will be one of the best-wrapped avatars at the ball.

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Talk to the Shoes

“Talk to the shoes!”  That’s my reply to anyone questioning my sanity when i confess a little tiredness today from staying up late for the Stiletto Moody new release. Seriously, when you look at these shoes, can you even doubt it?

This photo was shot in the Virtual Reality Room – a wonderful little box with photo panoramas that create the sense of really being there. You can reach MDR’s VRR with any of the teleports in the main studio. Here I am standing over a little cloud cover. I didn’t play around with the backdrops because there was a couple using it at the time and I could tell they had spent forever editing their pose or their shapes because their pose was such a perfect fit. They were shooting themselves on the moon – and I bet the photo will be wonderful. This bit was on the opposite side of the VRR, so a few quick snaps and I was out of there. Continue reading