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Hair Fair Short Hair

I decided to sort the hair by style and show them to you in groups of short, long, updos and so on. This first post shows you some of the short hair at Hair Fair. I actually got several more short hair styles but they were men’s styles and I thought I would rather show you that as a group. Some of these I tinted to get closer to the red I prefer.

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Bayou Pon Pon

It’s Mardi Gras and I thought this lovely dress from JE Republic suited the holiday with it’s bright bold orange and gold colors. Adding the fabulous Efe skin made this a great combination for the holiday which should be celebrated with great Zydeco music such as Bayou Pon Pon.

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Bare Rose Appreciation Challenge #3

I had this bright idea last night to try to double up on the challenge – producing a literary character to meet Teagan’s challenge and finding some or all of that character’s clothing at Bare Rose. I might have made it, too, if I had not been reading such a darn good book that I missed by bus stop and rode the bus 49 extra blocks before noticing.  And to top it off, when I asked the driver if he was turning round, he said it was his last run. So I had to get off the bus and wait for a returning one. I didn’t leave work til nearly 7 so needless to say it was late when I got home.  But if you only look at this picture, you might think I succeeded in dressing Nancy Drew at Bare Rose. When I think of Nancy Drew, I think of argyle sweaters and twin sets. Since it’s fall, I chose Argyle in a fabulous Bare Rose fatpack filled with every color in the universe. It’s sold with matching micro-minis but that was too prep school lolita for me.

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