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Shocking! Culture Shock is coming to an end

Culture Shock Closes May 26

Tomorrow is the last day of Culture Shock and time is running out for you to save lives by  spending your lindens on fabulous fashions. I know buying a dress at Culture Shock rather than somewhere else seems a pittance, but your lindens make a difference. Your purchase of this dress buys the antibiotics to treat 3 children with pneumonia. The skin or the jewelry will buy vaccination against meningitis for 10 years! You see, many of the things that can save lives are relatively inexpensive, but it’s getting them to where they are needed that makes all the difference. That is what makes Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders so very important. Unlike many other aid organizations, they have no affiliation with any government, ideology or religion and have no agenda beyond providing the health care that saves lives where it’s most needed. This means they are uniquely trusted and able to operate in places where others are not welcome.

With projects in over 60 countries, MSF is saving lives not only around the world but here at home, wherever home may be. We like to think we are secure and isolated from the ravages of famine, disease and hunger but illness is infectious. No man is an island, particularly when it comes to viruses. People who are not motivated to support good health care for everyone out of a belief in access to health care as a human right, should be motivated by self-interest and the need to combat diseases before they become international epidemics.

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Justice Denied


I visited Law Day, a project of the SL Bar Association, where many of the current issues that affect the integrity and fairness of the legal system were presented on small signs around the sim devoted to those who love the law. People joke a lot about lawyers, mostly to present the idea that they are all unethical, greedy and parasites on society. In fact, society would not exist as we know it without lawyers. People love to quote Shakespeare’s Henry VI’s famous “First thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” Of course, most of them think that’s a dig, but the words are spoken by the wannabe tyrant who knows that killing the lawyers is essential to tyranny.

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Azul for Ashraya


Mami Jewell of Azul is known for her fabulous gowns made of sleek, shiny charmeuse, rich brocades, silks and satins festooned with flowers and ribbons and bows. She designs gowns for runways and pageants and for any woman who wants to feel like a star. She’s also very generous, producing three charity gowns for Culture Shock and for the Ashraya Project this month. With so much community involvement, I hope she has time for having fun. I decided to highlight the Phula dress she made as an exclusive for the Ashraya Project. When I tried it on, its flowing skirt made me think of a flower with its petals undulating in the water, so I headed for open water.

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Nyu for Ashraya Project

I feel like I am wearing a sugary, sweet confection in this fabulous pink and white ombre dress from Nyu. Nyu is a relatively new store, but one with well-developed fabrication and texturing skills which are evident in this fun and stylish dress. It is the donation item for the Ashraya Project and so is the fabulous posing chair from Behavior Body. Coming in several bright candy colors, the chair is a striking addition to your decor. Even better, it’s full of unique poses and mirrors. The chair is exclusive to the Ashraya Project. There’s no lag at the event, so your shopping will be easy and lag-free.

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Looking Good while Doing Good Has Never Been so Easy

MiaMai for Ashraya Project

Looking good while doing good has never been so easy. There are two huge multi-week events raising funds for great charities. I have talked a lot about Culture Shock and the work of Médecins Sans Frontières MSF (Doctors Without Borders) and wanted to pass on the news that the script gate has been removed now that the first flush of heavy traffic has subsided.

Today, however, I want to mention the other event – The Ashraya Project to raise funds for Ashraya, an Indian charity that works with women and children, providing shelter and support to women and children who are poor, abandoned or survivors of abuse. In addition to fabulous clothing from 80 generous designers, there are concerts, and art expo, auctions and more. Be sure to check out their website so you don’t miss out on anything.

MiaMai for Ashraya Project

One thing you really do not want to miss out on is the fabulous gold Liree gown from MiaMai. It has such sleek shiny fabric of glittery goodness.

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