Now let me show you the dining room…


As you can see, the house comes fully furnished. Here we have the dining room which as you can see includes a large table with ample room for your family and room for more when you entertain. Oh, you like my dress? This old thing? Why, thank you. I declare I like this dress so much it seems like I wear it every day. I recall there was this clothing fair and I picked it up there from, oh let me think, from, from Purple Moon Designs. Yes, that’s the name. Purple Moon Designs. You really must go! You think it has a vintage flair? Really? I think it’s very modern.


Why yes! That is a pipe organ. I think Poppa bought that while traveling in Eastern Europe between the wars. The Iraq Wars? No, I don’t recall any Iraq wars. Between the First and Second World Wars. What else could I have meant? The wine glass? I think there’s something about that glass. My sister might know, but she’s stepped out for the afternoon. Actually, I was hoping we could conclude this business before she returns. She’s quite attached to the old place.


I suppose you could be right. Every home needs work, though our maid Elvira, my sister and I keep this house ship-shape. You can run your glove on any surface and never see a speck of dust. I love how the light glitters from the chandeliers and the reflection of the wonderful meals Elvira cooks in the polished shine of the table.


Noises? Well, any large house has noises. There’s always a door that could use a little oil on the hinges. Shrieking and moaning? I don’t hear that. Perhaps you are imagining things. Large homes often incite the imagination. They are not for everybody.


Oh look, here’s a picture my sister took of me wearing this morning. She developed it herself.  She’s such a talent, isn’t she?

****STYLE NOTES******

  • Poses: Behavior Body
  • Skin: Blush Elle Skin – Touch of Gold – Pale
  • Hair: Exile Collette Roots – Persimmon
  • Eyes: Poetic Color
  • Lashes: Lelutka
  • Dress and Gloves: Purple Moon Luccy for Vintage Fair
  • Shoes: Tesla Marie – Double Chocolate
  • Earrings: Dark Mouse Fossilized Copper
  • Location: Peatonville Asylum

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