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There’s been an absence in my Second Life® and in the lives of many others for the past two months. A dear friend, Squinternet Larnia of Donna Flora, has been struggling with illness. She is now out of hospital and working hard to recover and find the strength to keep fighting for her health.

I remember when I was sick last year how she would IM me all the time to ask after my health and share her hope and concern for me. There were times when I felt really low and the love and friendship I found in Second Life lifted my spirit and gave me strength. I hope those of us whose Second Lives have been touched by her art, her imagination and her work as well as those who have come to know her kind and gentle spirit can do the same for her.

Let us send her messages of love, encouragement and support to lift her spirit and give her strength so that she comes back to us soon with renewed strength and good health.

And to that end, many of us have joined together in a project to highlight the fabulous Donna Flora (Marketplace) designs that have beautified our world from A to Z. Over the next week, there will be many more posts added to this abecedarian list highlighting her amazing work. The original plan was to post them all on one day, but so many people wanted to participate, it became clear that it made more sense to spread them out over a week and I am sure more will want to join. This post will stay sticky for the next week so you can find it easily until the project is completed.



A is for Abigale by Teshan2222 Wycliffe for Free*Style

A is for Amie, etc. by Isabelli Anatine of Once Upon a Time in Second Life

A is for Aliena by Syliva Olivier for Sylvia

A is for Amber by Arora Zanzibar for Rags to Riches

B is for BonBon by Harper Ganesvoort for Around the Grid with Harper

B is for Brocade by Monica Querrien for Moni’s World

B is for Imma B – BonBon by Anjelyc Morales for SL a la mode.

B is for Bunny  by Brie Pinazzo of Nerdish Fantasies

C is for Cage by Cadence Aldrich for Divine Patterns

C is for Caged by Janaina Delvalle (Jana) for Caja Musical

D is for Dancing by Rbk Gossipgirl of Caja Musical

D is for Delicious by Alicia Chenaux of Ch’Know Style

D is for Doria by KawaiiNicole Piers for Kawaii Second Life

E is for Ester by Aesthenia Pinazzo for Aesthenia, Plain and Simple

F is for Florinda by Trixie Cliassi for Hunting with Trixie

G is for Girly Goodness and Gidgery by Gidge Uriza of It’s Only Fashion

H is for faitH by Harlow Heslop for

I is for Ilde by Olela Parx from Olela Alert!!!

I is for Isa by Maelenn Cattaneo for Look what the Cat Brought

J is for Jasmin by Buffy Faith for Dysorderli Conduc

J is for Jessica by Kyla Fraenkel for Dysorderli Conduct

J is for Josie (and Jackal) by Achariya Maktoum for It’s Only Fashion

J is for Joy by Lourdes Denimore of Lourdes Denimore: My fashion closet, my rules.

J is for Joyful by Aisuru Rieko for Dressups and Dollhouses

K is for Karen by Vaki Zenovka for Insert Funny Name Here

K is for Katie by Fury Stapleton for The Three Fashionteers

K is for Katie by Harvest Dezno for Gorean Geek

L is for Leonor by Stephy Maldor for Pas Assez

L is for Liala by Kalia Meiklejohn for SL Shopaholic

L is for Lush by Elysium Hynes for Sium

M is for Maggie by Mimmi Boa of Evane Solo Model Agency

M is for Movie Star by Mavi Beck for Modavia Fashion Marketing

M is for Medley by Madison Morlim for Stylewise

M is for Milena by Hani Cheng for Lazy Bloggers are Lazy

N is for Nahua by Noelita Foxdale for Retail Therapy in SL

O is for Opera by Sonya Marmurek of Astalianda

O is for Oriente by Felicity Blumenthal for My Second Closet

P is for Perla by Gala Caproni for It’s Only Fashion

P is for Porzia by Teshan2222 Wycliffe for SLexy Fashionista

Q is for aQua by Saffron Foxclaw for Saffron’s Place

R is for Rosalinda by  Perina McGinnis of Today or Tonight

S is for Spring by Julia Kamachi for All Things Julia

S is for Suzi by Dolly Baroque for Double Exposure

T is for Thinking of You (Melody)  by Rainey Manx for No Rainey Days

U is for Ursula  by Ayla Qinan of Double Exposure

V is for Viper by Voodoo Soulstar and Tia O’Casey of Vodo Fashion Blog

W is for Winny by Shayriel Teardrop of Shay and the SL Shopping Gang

X is for oniX by Teena Tomorrow for Sleepless in SL

Y is for starfish onYx by Willow Zander for What is Willis Talking About?

Z is for ZsaZsa by Grazia Horwitz for Grazia’s SL

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