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I am Giulia

Hello folks, i hope you still remember me and i hope you are doing good 🙂
Yeah, i have lots of things going on in my life right now, i hope i will be able to blog again as soon as possible.

Today i’m here for Squinternet, i was supposed to post before, but i really couldn’t. I hope she will read this, i’ll post it on my own blog too.

So, i would like to say a few things about her.

Last year, thanks to Cajsa’s Donna Flora A to Z Project i had the chance to know Squinternet Larnia. I knew her brand, her fabulous creations, of course, but i never talked to her before. After my post Giulia (yes, it’s her name) contacted me and we had a long talk, followed by others and i finally understood why people loved her so much not only as creator, but, most of all, as woman, as person.

Donna Flora I

Giulia told me her story, we talked about life, cancer, treatments, about fighting for life, about feelings, about friends, about love, we talked about many things. We never met before and we were talking like two old friends, it was simply amazing. Maybe speaking our own language (we’re both Italians) helped alot, you know it’s so much easier to say things when you speak your language 😛  She put one million smiles on my face and she left me speechless: someone in her conditions, in her situation would easily give up. She had the strength, the will and the hope not to give up. She loved life. Giulia loves life and she makes people love life.

Donna Flora II

Donna Flora III

Second Life is a fantastic virtual world made of real people: feelings and emotions are even more amplified here. So i know, Giulia, that you are reading this. Hey, sweet flower, look, you are so much loved and that’s wonderful, see what you’ve done! Don’t give up, you’re not allowed to!

I am with you, we are with you. My heart beats with yours.

I am Giulia, we are Giulia.

Tesoro, la vita riserva sempre continue sorprese, tu non smettere di combattere, di sperare. Chiudi gli occhi e senti l’amore che ti giunge da tutto il mondo attraverso questa pazza realtà virtuale, oltre agli affetti della RL. Non vedi quanto è bello? Tutto per te. Solo per te.
Ti sono tanto vicina, ti voglio bene.

Donna Flora IV



Everyone knows about the Love Donna Flora event. Please go visit it, buy stuff or just donate whatever you can. Or also go to Donna Flora’s mainstore and purchase items there or donate through the tip jar. Thank you so much.

If I Were Going To Role Play Who Should I Be?

Roleplay, cosplay and well made fashion had a three way and there was a baby. FATEplay was born to bring amazing fashion to a part of the grid less traveled by some of us. It does give one pause, what might we do there, given the amazing offering at FATEplay?

My first thought was I could be a Desdemona seeking my handkerchief? But she ended so poorly, so maybe not. Continue reading

Things To Know Before You Visit LOVE DONNA FLORA

I went over last night to make another pass at shopping before the onslaught, and wanted to cover some important stuff with you to make your, and everyone elses, shopping experience better.

Like any event, looking cute isn’t going to be your most important focus. Go look cute on the last day. Right now, it’s a struggle to get in. There is a script meter that’s going to let you know if you have on too many scripts. You’ll get three warnings and then if you don’t pare it down, you’re going to get TPd. I know this, because last night in a bikini, I kept getting it. As I swore at Cajsa and muttered in RL about it being BS, I realized my glasses and earrings were scripted, and once I took them off the warning stopped. Continue reading

Wake The Earth


You hold fire in the night
In safety of this radiant light
We’ll warm our lungs and tame our eyes
Oh dear the slumbering dark will rise

Take the hands of what you’ve known
We’ll wake the earth and watch it grow
And write our love

Capture all the wonder here
And through the glow we’ll stand so still
All of these walls have been draped in white
And I won’t watch you say goodbye

Cast away the thoughts that haunt
These crowded rooms of love that’s lost
And through the fire, I’ve loved you still
Through the fire, I’ve loved you still

The Honey Trees



Hybie Is Wearing:

Dress: *LpD* – Lavinia – Pink – LOVE DONNA FLORA EVENT
Skin: Glam Affair – Lulu – Arctic – 03 – LOVE DONNA FLORA EVENT
Hair: Lelutka – Lorella with crown – Irish Red – HAIR FAIR 2013
Eyes: Ikon – ascension – Starfall
Pictures taken @ MiLova Sim

Make Mine a Bliensen With a Side of MaiTai

According to ABOUT.COM MaiTai translates into OUT OF THIS WORLD in Tahitian.  It’s a rum drink and one of the most delicious treats to make you feel like you’re having a real grown up cocktail. It contains two kinds of rum for god’s sake.

Cocktails like that were made back when men were men and women were ladies or dames. Bliensen + MaiTai for Hair Fair 2013 has served up fantastic vintage looks that are elegant and true to the period they’re representing.

And take note ladies, she’s got an AWESOME BLONDE! Platinum is the tone I’m wearing and it’s appropriate for ladies and dames alike. Continue reading

The Next Must Have Bikini

Right about the time I think that no more bikinis ever need to be made someone comes along and makes the next one that is absolutely adorable. Anessa Stine has this one available at her shop DCNY and the best part for you is that it’s 50L because it’s part of FLF today! Continue reading

Fashion Bloggers Don’t Read: All About ALICE PROJECT HAIR


So, I was slapping together my morning blog post today and I said, self, something is wrong – THIS IS DEMO HAIR! My friend Alice had sent me some hairs cuz we’re friends and I’m a blogger and she makes hair and it’s a symbiotic relationship and anyway don’t even bother her about free hair I can’t get you hair but anyway after I realized I had on a demo, I went to Plurk.

Gidge : 

I think Alice sent me demo hair as a trick

#m’Alice  Never!

Gidge  yet…
m’Alice  If it’s cyo there’s a notecard for that
Gidge ok
#m’Alice You have to press apply after you pick to lock it
Gidge cries cuz I hate instructions
#m’Alice It says it in local too 
#m’Alice Good that was the idea. FALLING INTO MY TRAP
 isle And this is how oscar winning movie scripts are born.

Hair Fair 2013 – Kicks off Over Coffee with DECO

Blogger Preview of HAIR FAIR 2013 has begun so I didn’t even change my clothes, I just ran straight over and into the first shop I saw, which was DECO! Guess what? They have hair.

This is one of them.

Messy buns are on the RL fashion hot list for fall so snatch this one up. It’s an adorable mesh up-do style with dreamy whisps floating about. It’s a must have for you well dressed girls.

Have a beautiful Friday girls!

Hair Fair 2013 Preview – DECO

Gidge Is Wearing:
Lashes:cheLLe – Eyelashes 6
Top: (Milk Motion) 3d flowers lace top- S – nude
Skin: -Belleza- Betty Pale Vintage 2
Eyes: Nomine Stained Eyes – green medium
HAIR: DECO – Hiveish Hair – BARK