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Did Someone Say Grayed Rainbow?

If you get the number of subscribo notices I do, you spend a lot of time going, “Next, Next, Next, Boring, Template, Next, Next….” and deleting them without RUSHING out to acquire what it is you’ve been offered. Call it ennui, call it being an oldbie but it’s a bit hard to get more all that motivated beyond “oh cute.” Continue reading

Welcome to Sanity Falls

Welcome to Sanity Falls

For fun, I went to check out the newest MadPea production – Sanity Falls, a multi-sim hunt for the ransom to rescue your kidnapped spouse. I only made it to the city limits, distracted by the memes of Second Life plurkerville. I am wearing a great mesh dress from Tukinowaguma. Why didn’t I know Tukinowaguma had mesh? At 150L per dress, that’s a great place to shop for quality mesh clothing – all in standard sizes.

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Aliza got talent!

Hello 🙂

Aliza Karu is one of the most inspired, eclectic, creative, talented SL fashion designers I’ve ever known. Her works are one of a kind and easily recognizable by her unique style, a mix of goth, avantgarde, steampunk, dark, doll and lots of fantasy. She puts her emotions and feelings into her creations, she says: “Those who wear my clothes, they’re wearing a mood, a feeling, a fear, a desire, a passion, an anger of me”.

Aliza made new amazing works for this winter/Christmas time and now I’m going to show you some of them.

So, enjoy the fascinating crazyness:

Magic Winter
With this beautiful Magic Winter Dress (skirt, jacket, bra, headpiece) Aliza gives her own interpretation of the dark magic of winter. It’s available at the ZombiePopcorn Dark Magic Winter event, which will be held from 1 till 15 December on the Sketch Pad Sim.

Glitter Winter
This stunning outfit is Aliza’s prize for K.V. Christmas Hunt: yes, it’s free! Find the little yellow star hidden somewhere in the store (hints and slurls on the link I gave you) and the Glitter Winter outfit will be yours!

More after the cut!
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I love fashion drama – when it’s the drama of bold colors, flowing fabrics and the sheen of heavy charmeuse. Mami Jewell is one of the most dramatic creators with her rich formal gowns that explode with drama.


There’s enough drama in this skirt to fuel a daytime soap opera.
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Indigo – Week 11

I was so happy to see a color I look good in AND have some of in my inventory already! This week I chose an old standby and staple designer in my wardrobe ….. PixelDolls…. always can find something there I MUST have.

Style notes:

Dress:  PixelDolls – Amoureux, Indigo

Jewelery:  DarkMouse – Vintage Troll, Silver

Hair:  Tukinowaguma – Melinda, Brown

Eyes:  Illusory – Eyes – 06

Skin:  Illusory – Paige, deep tan Stained B

Poses:  Diesel Works – Clover

Waiting For The Bus

I rarely to never do a Look Of The Day type post simply because 90% of my SL is log in, shoot, log out. So I never actually bother to dress FOR me anymore.
But I’m trying to change that and actually see other cartoon humans, and in keeping with that I went about shopping with a couple of my best friends the other night.
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Gidge's Love List:The Good Blondes – PART 1

One of my biggest frustrations around the grid is that some people just make the crappiest blondes on the earth. I don’t know why, maybe blonde is harder to texture than the other colors.
I also know I’m picky, so it’s possible that these blondes are ok and I’m just a snotty princess.
But, I know that all you die hard bloganistas out there are dead set in your likes and dislikes and I admit – this is one of mine.
Cajsa struggles to find that color of RED that is her hearts desire. I am constantly on the look out for new stores that make blonde that is worth a crap.
So many are too brassy. Full bright is on and you can’t turn it off. Some are YELLOW and scary.
Blonde comes in many shades and hues, some found in nature some found in a bottle.
But they can all be beautiful if done right.
So I thought I’d share with you my favorite stores for blonde hair. And yeah, this is gonna take a while, because in terms of blogging it’s not a short list.
In terms of the grid – it’s an INCREDIBLY short list. And – fair warning – it’s only stores that I know of.
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Silver – Week 9 – 52 Weeks of Color

Silver came at a perfect time, since I needed to find a dress for New Years Eve! And this one is perfect for any special occasion.  It’s from one of my favorite stores in SecondLife – Purple Moon. This dress was a group gift from Poulet Koenkamp if you are lucky enough to be in her group (really luck has nothing to do with it… just hop on over to her shop and JOIN) its soooooo worth it!

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Queen Mab


I am the Fairy Mab: to me ‘tis given
The wonders of the human world to keep;
The secrets of the immeasurable past,
In the unfailing consciences of men,
Those stern, unflattering chroniclers, I find;
The future, from the causes which arise
In each event, I gather; not the sting
Which retributive memory implants
In the hard bosom of the selfish man,
Nor that ecstatic and exulting throb
Which virtue’s votary feels when he sums up
The thoughts and actions of a well-spent day,
Are unforeseen, unregistered by me;
And it is yet permitted me to rend
The veil of mortal frailty, that the spirit,
Clothed in its changeless purity, may know
How soonest to accomplish the great end
For which it hath its being, and may taste
That peace which in the end all life will share.
This is the meed of virtue; happy Soul,
Ascend the car with me!’

selections from Quuen Mab by Percy Bysse Shelley

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