Gidge's Love List:The Good Blondes – PART 1

One of my biggest frustrations around the grid is that some people just make the crappiest blondes on the earth. I don’t know why, maybe blonde is harder to texture than the other colors.
I also know I’m picky, so it’s possible that these blondes are ok and I’m just a snotty princess.
But, I know that all you die hard bloganistas out there are dead set in your likes and dislikes and I admit – this is one of mine.
Cajsa struggles to find that color of RED that is her hearts desire. I am constantly on the look out for new stores that make blonde that is worth a crap.
So many are too brassy. Full bright is on and you can’t turn it off. Some are YELLOW and scary.
Blonde comes in many shades and hues, some found in nature some found in a bottle.
But they can all be beautiful if done right.
So I thought I’d share with you my favorite stores for blonde hair. And yeah, this is gonna take a while, because in terms of blogging it’s not a short list.
In terms of the grid – it’s an INCREDIBLY short list. And – fair warning – it’s only stores that I know of.
To start off – see above – yeah it’s Truth.
Truth makes awesome blondes in shades from Jean Harlow white to gorgeous natural tones. I normally wear his swedish blonde but thought I’d show off a few of his other colors that I don’t normally wear.

Next up, I’m showing you some of the natural blonde tones that you’ll find at EXILE. Plus one not so natural, called Pearl which I love.

You might think that FSSSSS of course she said Truth and Exile, but let’s face it. There is a reason those stores are full of shoppers every day. Because Truth and Kavar do a nice job of making hair and using textures that appeal to a lot of people.

I’ve got two more for you today that definitely fall on my Love List. The first one is Miel who I discovered at the Hair Fair this past year. They create beautiful soft tones of blonde that are perfect if you like a very subtle look.

But wouldn’t it be boring if gorgeous blonde was always understated and classic? Why yes it would. I find that often, fun hair is poorly textured. That’s why Tukinowaguma is always a win. They feature classic styles, wedding type do’s as well as stuff that would be appropriate in editorial fashion shoots which makes me love them so hard. Tukinowaguma actually only offers a short list of blondes but they are gorgeous.

So those are my first four. Truth, Exile, Miel and Tukinowaguma. Go demo if you haven’t been there and check out the great variety and textures of blondes these four places offer.

Four more coming up in a day or two. 🙂

Style Notes:

  • Skin – Belleza Erika – Pale
  • Hair – Truth, Exile, Miel, Tukinowaguma
  • Top – Sn@tch

0 thoughts on “Gidge's Love List:The Good Blondes – PART 1

  1. Kit Jordan

    Oooh, I’m really glad you’re doing this, because I have a hard time finding truly great blondes as well! I hadn’t heard of Tukinowaguma, I’ll check them out!

  2. Carissa Crimson

    Hey Gidge. Great post! I know how painful it is to find “good blondes” on the grid, and your post made me realize it’s all about preference.

    See, the textures you like are the very ones that I don’t wear. The streaky-ness of those blondes kinda bums me out. My blonde picks are : Maiterya., lelutka, ploom, elikatira, and !lamb (but not the blondes pack from !lamb…just the powder one from the black/white pack)

    I should just go brunette and SLife would be so much easier!

  3. Harper Ganesvoort

    Good choices across the board. And yes, it’s true; we Grid redheads have a hard time finding the right shade of copper red that isn’t itself brassy, dull or just plain blah. So I can sympathize with both you and Cajsa.

  4. Gidge Uriza Post author

    Elika will be in my next group. These aren’t really in order of “I love these the most” in descending order. They’re just sort of randomly grouped by whatever hair agreed to rezz that day. So I am not going to be more in love with any hair that I post on the 4th post vs. what I post in the first one.

    Elika also rocks my socks…. 🙂

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