Is This REALLY Gala?

Ok.. not the me you are used to, but I thought this look from House of RFyre rawked… don’t you?
Goth - Bladerunner 1
More after the cut….

And I had to find the perfect sim to show it off in… so I found BladeRunner City from Cajsa’s list of inworld photo sites and took these for you to enjoy.
Goth - Bladerunner 2
I have no idea what’s gotten into me lately… feelin’ kinda dark I guess. I have a couple more outfits I’ve found, maybe I’ll show them off here too, but for now…. these will have to do… and this hair from Tukinowaguma completes the look.. don’t you think?
Goth - Bladerunner 3
But.. I do wanna know.. WHO is the creepy guy on the screen lookin’ at me?

Style notes:
Outfit: RFyre – Dione Womens Black and Silver Club Version
Boots: L&B – Elise, Ankle Boots
Hair: Tukinowaguma, Carine Ebony
Skin: Curio – Petal light – Airhead, Daze 2
Jewelry: Earthstones, Gothique Locket, Sliver

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