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Coco Chanel Is a Phoenix Rising

posted by Gidge Uriza

This extraordinary ball gown is a tribute to Coco Chanel and the overwhelming femme design with so many “finishing” touches – such as all the roses all over it, truly makes it a lovely and modern take on designer who was far ahead of her time.

If you’ve ever worn Chanel or SEEN Chanel’s creations, sometimes they seems like there are a lot of PIECES, a lot of details that create that overall look – yet lose one and you lose the symmetry of the style and design – even when that style is assymetry. So with this dress, some roses are larger than others, and all scattered with very precise randomness around the skirt. Continue reading

Dispatches from the PXL Tanning Booth

I wanted to share the new July skin in tan with you. It’s a fabulous tan, bronzed and healthy without a hint of orange. Blue looks gorgeous against a nice tan, so I put on this gorgeous hemp shirt from Phoenix Rising. How exciting that even in SL, sustainable fabrics are gaining in the market. The pants are from A-Bomb and about as fun as pants can be, based on the traditional seaman’s pant, they have been modified to make them more feminine and flattering.

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Rising Expectations

It’s been a while since I have blogged Phoenix Rising – and that’s unfortunate because the clothes are even more distinctive and fun. Take this lovely outfit called Motive, is there anything more fun that that lovely plaid corset with the wide sash and belt?

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Joy, Bliss and General Goodwill

Whilst previewing a new gown from Phoenix Rising called Darken Bliss (shown below the cut) I just fell in love with the corset top and wanted to show it off with another style option. With a name like Bliss I decided it needed a little more goodwill and opted for the sleek, svelte and sexy pencil skirt from Mimikri called Joy. Bliss and Joy, I think we should all sing Kumbayah.

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Too Pretty for Mourning

This lovely black gown with the gorgeous fur neckline and the lovely tulle drapped gloves was sent from the soon to open Phoenix Rising. I fell in love with the exquisitely rumpled full skirt and the beautifully constructed fur collar. As soon as I tried a necklace, though, the collar dropped off as it was attached to the chest instead of the spine.  So I decided to copy the collar and attach the copy to the spine to free up the chest for a necklace and thought I might show you my method which is pretty easy and foolproof.

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