Long Weekend Relax – And some EXCELLENT Freebies

posted by Gidge Uriza
I wanted to be comfy for Memorial Day and remembered that I had a slew of casual separates from WRONG – from Christmas when they gave away a gift a day. Sliding into jeans and a light cotton sweater was an quick and easy choice, especially for a day of boating or cooking out or whatever I was going to be doing. (It gets cold on boats at night you know!).

Plus I’ve been looking for an excuse to wear these Marilyn Monroe shoes I got at Artilleri – so something black seemed like a good fit! 

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It is at this point that I’d like to curse bless Cajsa for introducing me to Fresh Baked Goods at Retrology. You see – I have only been once and fear going back as I believe they will soon have all my lindens. While I was there I picked up their freebie bracelet and this Mah-jong Bracelet -which has color change script embedded so I really have like 12 or more bracelets – not two. (I have no idea HOW many color options there actually are – A BUNCH!). If you haven’t been, I recommend looking them up – I was simply delighted at their selection of baubles. I will be back there soon.

I would’ve worn the other Mah Jong bracelet that came with it – but I just won this pirate bead bracelet at Eolandes and I’m all tickled with myself for winning something in a lucky chair, so I had to wear them both. This hair is another great freebie – I’ve mentioned ETD has a few wonderful things on sale for $L1 at Onrez – this is LOVELY that I paired with a headband I got with a hairstyle at Savoir Hair. The hair was called Heidi and maybe it was just my big head but it was not pretty. But the HEADBAND was delightful (I colored the band black).

I picked up the darling little Fairy Following at Fairchang Calypso for Nada – they offer several little follower creatures, a dragon, a bat, an angel and this fairy and all are zero. As a matter of fact – EVERYTHING at Fairchang Calyps is ZERO including their giant yachts and pirate ships. If you are interesting in such things – I’d run! After all – how impressed would your friends be if you invited them over for a memorial day cook out on your YACHT?  The fairy has a cute little AI and chatters a bit with people.  She cracks me up.

More Pics available on my FLICKR page.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day and go get those freebies now!

Shape: Peppermint Blue 190CM

Skin- Honey – Freckled Honey (okay this skin could be called freckled harmony my handwriting it attrocious – but I got it for L$L5 the other day and I have to say it’s the only freckled skin I’ve ever worn or liked. IM me for the landmark to the shop if you like.)

  • EYES – Purple Rain from FNKY!
  • Earrings – Gold Loop Earrings From RICX
  • Nails – Shyloves St Pats Day Nails from Onrez.
  • Lower Back Tattoo – Butterfly from Nine Inch Nerds
  • Sweater – Black Buckle Jumper from WRONG!
  • Jeans – Ripped Black Jeans from WRONG!
  • Panty – Candy Girl from Chic Boutique
  • Socks – Nanogunk – WHY don’t you have a pair of these yet?
  • Shoes – Mimmi – Marilyn from Artilleri
  • Hair – ETD Lovely in Black Green
  • Hairband – from Heidi Hair – at Savoir Hair (tinted blackon the band)
  • Bracelet – Pirate Bead Bracelet from Lucky Chair at Eolande’s
  • Bracelet – Bakelite Mooncake Mah Jong from Fresh Baked Goods at Retrology

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