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Audrey: Unedited

Sheer Mesh Madness

Audrey! Two syllables that conjure up visions of elegance and timeless grace. Does anyone even need the last name to know who Audrey is? Of course not. I think it’s a bold thing to name any design Audrey because there’s such a world of expectation and obligation that come along with the name.  I decided to do no editing whatsover in order to let you see how well that obligation is met.

Sheer Mesh Madness

This is Audrey for the 21st century – with fabulous laser cut fabric just released at the Première Vision fabric show in February. The fabric is sheer, with flirtatious glimpses of a thigh, a hint of torso, the outline of the body. What impressed me is that it’s not just sheer, it’s sheer and mesh.
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A Weekend Off

My Second Life turned into chaos and ruin about a week ago so I decided to say fuck it and went on a little SL Vacay.  But rather than being gone and then returning going ALL IS WELL DING DONG SOUND THE ALARM I parked my AV at a little Christmas village and logged in occasionally to do something random.

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In Your Cold Embrace

I awoke to a world covered in ice and snow. It seemed appropriate to swaddle my pixel self in COLD EMBRACE, a new release from A-Bomb. I can’t resist a sweater dress, they show off all thats right with your curves. Continue reading

The Outfit The Asset Server Tried to Eat

So we all had to sign the new TOS the other day. There was a lot of grousing on Plurk but really, I didn’t give a flip. I am one of those people who doesn’t read it. I just don’t care. Whatever, I’m not supposed to have sex with the teens right? Something like that? This post is not about the TOS. This post is about how suddenly the grid went wonky on me.
I tried logging into the TPV Phoenix – and the new TOS wouldn’t come up. Now – that didn’t actually matter to me because I wasn’t gonna read it, however, I couldn’t click the YES I AGREE to whatever nutfuckery you’ve put into writing.
Growling, I closed Phoenix and opened the EVIL regular viewer. Continue reading

Gidge's Love List:Stuff For Your Legs

I have decided to break my own boredom and start doing occasional single item posts, rather than full outfits, as the mood strikes me.
I’m going to break these into Love Lists of three items in a specific category.
They’ll be items that strike my fancy at whatever moment in time I decide to shoot, within whatever category I decide to make sweet love to at that time. Review items or items that I bought, makes no difference, the only thing that matters is – I do love them. 🙂
Today’s Love List is…..Stuff for you legs.
I’m starting off with panty hose YES REAL PANTY HOSE from Shop Toshy. Continue reading