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Vintage Mood

To be honest, this lovely polka dot dress is clearly a modern interpretation of the familiar vintage full skirt and not authentically vintage. Available at the Nouveau Miranda store, it’s made by Wicked Loudon – the new identity of one of the former FOAM creators who is now an adult and back in Second Life®.

One look at the umbrella curving shape of the gores that make up the full skirt makes the dresses modernity evident. However, the fitted waist, the fullness of the skirt, the draped collar and the polka-dot fabric all pay homage to the fashions of half a century ago.

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Monster Jackets

There are some statement jackets in Modern Gypsy’s Fashion Monster collection. For example, this jacket from the Zhora pants outfit is an amazing piece of construction with shoulders that could conquer the universe if they set themselves to the task. Coincidentally, Newreem Waffles styled the same two jackets in her blog today, too – in a very different way, demonstrating how versatile these jackets are.

The jacket that comes with the powerful Hecate leather dress makes and equally strong statement – one of surprise and delight at seeing such a jacket chosen for such a noir dress. After all, when you hear black leather dress, a houndstooth wool jacket is not what pops into mind, but then Hecate is a dress of surprises.

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Digging in the Closet

IRL my closet is well-organized. Dresses, blouses, skirts are in their sections and all sorted by color – a regular run of ROYGBIV rainbows. Shoes are on the rack. Purses stored in 4 marvelous IKEA shoe and sweater hanger storage shelves and scarves hung on rings on  curtain rods on the wall.  I try to do the same in Second Life with folders for blouses, dresses, etc. But then it all falls apart because I have one folder for my Review Copies. The thing is, if I put them into my regular inventory, I might forget they were review copies and not credit that in my style notes, so I drop them all in one mad, mad, mad, mad folder.  I need a better system.  Except, perhaps with a better system I would not have come up with this outfit that I put together by checking out items from stores I have not featured recently.

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