New Shooz FTW

posted by Gidge Uriza

What does one wear with the fanciest shoes one owns?

Well, I wore jeans.

These are what I all “Pope Shoes”. And there is even a reason! It’s because back in the day I worked for a catalog company that sold tons of bejeweled shoes for women. One night, several beers in, I was trying to describe to my best friend these shoes from our catalog and I said ……you know,POPE SHOES. Like the kind the Pope would wear, only his jewels would be real and not paste.

The name stuck.

I suspect that if the Pope wore these, they’d also have less of a heel.

These are from Baiastice and come in a beautiful array of colors that I’m sure you’ll be seeing if you haven’t already. They are gorgeous.

Style Notes:

***Bold R Indicates a Review Item or a Promotional Copy***

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape
  • Hair – EXILE – Leslie – Ash
  • Skin – Symphony Skin SSV3 – Alto – Peridot
  • Eyes – Sterling Artistry – Springtime Eyes
  • Top – Phoenix Rising – Push – Femme – Black r
  • Jeans – WoE – Graecyn Jeans – Stormy r
  • Shoes – Baiastice – r
  • Earrings – Kess Kreations – Juliet Earrings r

0 thoughts on “New Shooz FTW

  1. kesseret

    lol Pope shoes… I totally see it! I am glad you like the earrings and thanks for wearing them!

    I believe those jeans pair perfectly with those shoes 🙂

  2. Harper

    I read “Pope shoes,” and I suddenly remembered a joke a friend of mine used to tell. He liked to talk about how his socks were sacred, for they were hole-y….


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