The Outfit The Asset Server Tried to Eat

So we all had to sign the new TOS the other day. There was a lot of grousing on Plurk but really, I didn’t give a flip. I am one of those people who doesn’t read it. I just don’t care. Whatever, I’m not supposed to have sex with the teens right? Something like that? This post is not about the TOS. This post is about how suddenly the grid went wonky on me.
I tried logging into the TPV Phoenix – and the new TOS wouldn’t come up. Now – that didn’t actually matter to me because I wasn’t gonna read it, however, I couldn’t click the YES I AGREE to whatever nutfuckery you’ve put into writing.
Growling, I closed Phoenix and opened the EVIL regular viewer.

AH NP. There are the words. CLICK – I accept your rules whatever they may be. Then I let everything load as I’d been offline a day or two and had inventory to accept and notecards to read. Which I did. I dragged some boxes onto the floor and jotted down what everything else was. Note – I was now wearing the same outfit I was wearing the LAST time I was logged into the standard viewer – which is the norm for me. No big whup.

Then I logged back into Phoenix. The first weird, abnormal thing, was that I was no longer wearing the outfit I’d spent two logins styling. I was wearing the two week old outfit – which I had JUST been wearing in the regular viewer. I grumbled at this, this hadn’t ever happened – but…..shrug. Whatever. The grid can be wonky.
So I decided to put it back on to shoot.
And it wasn’t there.
The skin I had been wearing, this sweater from WoE. These tattoo layer makeups. Nothing. I started searching for other items. NOT THERE. Yet the boxes I had drug out on the floor from 20 minutes earlier – sitting there nicely.
I got a little, um, PANICKED AND FREAKED OUT because I seriously had just lost a ton of shit. I cleared my cache. I relogged. I rebooted. I cleared my cache.
I decided I was SOL. And then, three days passed.
AND BOOM – it’s all back.

Welcome to the grid. Pro- Tip. You don’t own any of your stuff. The asset server does. All Hail and Bow Down to the Asset Server. Because seriously, we are it’s bitch.


I’m also wearing a very casual look with the JADIS release from Glam Affair and MiaMai – I’ve got something more White Witch for later. It’s a gorgeous winter makeup though. 🙂

What are the items the asset server tried to eat?

  • Shape – Savoir Faire – Gidge
  • Hair – EXILE – Nathan – Arctic
  • Skin – Glam Affair – Jadis Yuki edition
  • Tattoo Layer Makeup – Miamai – LesMakesup – Yuki – #17
  • Sweater – WoE – Ginger sweater in Green
  • Jeans – Sn@tch – Iron Cross boyfriend jeans
  • Socks – The Strand – Knee socks – fawn
  • Shoes – A-Bomb – Gidge Glogs – in suede
  • Nails – Adam n Eve – Silvery – from the halloween collection
  • Earrings – Caroline’s – Pink Pearl Earrings
  • Poses – !bang

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  1. Sunshine K

    there was something SERIOUSLY wrong with the grid this AM, about 8-9 AM SLT. I had to revert to using the evil 2.4 viewer…and I still crashed.

    Phoenix is now working..but here is link to their website with the comments about the viewer issues:

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