Blogging My Bedroom Floor Chapter Six:WoE Is Me

You didn’t think I was done did you? Good god. My bedroom is an even bigger mess right now just because of all the stress in my life I’ve been throwing stuff out there like mad, but I’m trying with products like Exhale’s delta 8 pens that relax me a little. Today’s post is a combo of things on my floor, things not on my floor, and things on my floor that were already IN my inventory but for some reason I hadn’t picked up the box yet.
I dunno. You’ve met me right? I’m TOTALLY scattered.

I’m a neko girl today, sporting part of the Neko pieces from Reasonable Desires lucky chair gift, the Lynx Lingerie. I had it on the other day, and decided that Neko Gidge has no stress and is terribly carefree so I’d bring her out for a few days.

This is how you know someone is your good friend and you share a brain with them. I messaged Elusyve and said “What is that hair that we both bought and you wore it the other day?” (literally, we didn’t buy it together and she didn’t know I even had it.) Boom, she told me exactly what hair it was. Lol.

I’m also showing off Adam N Eve’s new skin Taylor in natural with the Verte eyemakeup. She’s gorgeous and I recommend demoing it ASAP. It’s pretty and innocent.

Just like Neko Gidge.

  • Shape – Savoir Faire – Gidge
  • Skin – Adam N Eve – Taylor – Natural – Verte
  • Hair – Shag – Ode – Cashmere
  • Top – WoE – Jenae – Grass
  • Jeans – WoE – Graecyn – Stormy
  • Lashes – MiaMai – LesMakeups Tattoo Layer Lashes
  • Shoes – A-Bomb – Khitten
  • Nails – Sterling Artistry – Autumn Rust
  • Bliensen + Maitai – Mille Colori – Autumn
  • Earrings – Eolandes – Charlotte
  • Neko Pieces – Reasonable Desires – Lynx Lingerie Lucky Chair Gift

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