Taunting Carnies

posted by Gidge Uriza

What’s that? If I let you WHAT I can have a free ride on the Paratrooper?

The Carnie Cootch Ballerina set from Sn@tch brought back fond memories of small midwestern towns, their county fairs – and carnies who always offered us free rides in exchange for letting them molest us.

Well you know, they made offers that had a lot of explicit words and acts in them. However, the law puts a different label on most of them. And they always SEEMED like a high price to PAY just for a ride on the Tilt A Whirl.

My Vampire Self Could Make Short Work of These Carnies

We never took them up on their gracious quid pro quo offers, well that isn’t exactly true. One summer we convinced them of the Quid – and then failed to return to the fair for the Pro Quo portion. Suckaz.

One of my fondest memories of this ridiculous time that passed each summer of my early teens was simply trying to sort out WHAT they meant. What WERE these acts they were referring to? We were at the tender age of 14, and they were bandying about latin terms with the ease of a laureate – one had to question their low career choice. 

It was all solved when a magazine was found in the trash – with pictures.

They wanted us to do THIS?

Ugh. Sickos. We’d NEVER do THAT!

Well, not for a carnival ride anyway. Suckaz.

The Carny Cootch set is available in near myriad colors and the best part is mixing and matching I think! So much versatility!

Style Notes

  • Shape Gidge Custom Shape
  • Skin – Soda Custom Skin
  • Hair – Truth – Olivia -Barley
  • Eyes – Poetic Colors – Lavender Fields
  • Dress – SN@TCH – Carny Cootch R
  • Shoes – Urban Bomb Unit Porn Star Extra High Tops
  • Fangs – Xcite – yes I’m still a vampire

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