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Can't Learn Nothin' In School They Don't Teach On The Streets…

posted by Gidge Uriza

When I got the new releases at A-BOMB today I have to admit, the thing that made me SQUEEEEEEEEE was totally the bowling bag purse. I’m serious, how many things can I make this match? I love quirky accessories and even though I might not wear a rockabilly look on a regular basis, I was instantly so in love with the purse that I had to style the rest of the releases with it on the spot. Continue reading

The Boiling Point is [42]

posted by Gidge Uriza

I’ll try to keep this on “Everyman’s” Level because you know this SCIENCE stuff? It’s TRICKY!

I’ve got a lot of charts and graphs here that I might have to refer to. Plus – I’ve got a Geiger Counter. And it CLICKS baby. That’s right. If you are radioactive you will NOT be sneaking up on this bloganista. I will know it! And I will refuse to go play Zyngo with you – if you are radioactive. I’m sorry but that’s just a guideline for AVATAR safety! Continue reading

Dear Dancien – Happy Birthday

posted by Gidge Uriza

So the lip rings I’m sporting in the pic above were a hunt gift from 42 that I somehow failed to get into the last post. That being said, I figured I would give you a gander since I don’t WEAR facial piercings usually. I’m too delicate lol.

The VIP Hunt Gift from 42 sent me to their store to patronize them further, where I promptly lost my effin mind. Everything in the store is 42 lindens. How did I miss this?

I won’t say I bought everything……..

But I did pick up most of my ensemble for Dancien Graves B-day party there! Including this nutty skin which is just extraordinary and called Galaxies Nebula. I was in a very purple mood the past few days can you tell? Continue reading

Rhodesy's Purple is A-Bomb

posted by Gidge Uriza

My friend Rhodesy is famed for her beautiful purple tresses. When I saw this delicious Purple MELT THE GUNS ensemble from A-Bomb I simply had to bring out some purple hair as an homage to Rho. No one wears purple hair with the style and grace she does, those some of us try. Continue reading