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Every once in awhile someone produces a list of The Best of  SL Merchants in different categories. For consumers, these lists can be useful lists of new places to check out and a source for ideas of where to look, but there is the downside of short-circuiting you own exploration and the fun of finding new and unique stores. For retailers, the lists are a great boost in building traffic and brand recognition, but there is also a downside of getting pigeon-holed. That certainly has happened with Sn@tch – a store that is often labeled Punk, Goth, Grunge or whatever is the au courant label for Alternative clothing. The category fits, but too tightly – and ignores the wonderful range of mainstream separates and high fashion outfits that you can find at Sn@tch. I thought I might spend a few days highlighting how Sn@tch is much more than the label and do my small part to stretch expectations.

Consider this Uptown outfit from Sn@tch. Yes, with the right accessories, hair and makeup, it could look alternative.  However, it’s a beautifully coordinated and completely mainstream sweater and skirt that is perfectly at home in a museum, a fundraiser or most any event short of a formal ball. It’s simply beautifully done.

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Vintage Mood

To be honest, this lovely polka dot dress is clearly a modern interpretation of the familiar vintage full skirt and not authentically vintage. Available at the Nouveau Miranda store, it’s made by Wicked Loudon – the new identity of one of the former FOAM creators who is now an adult and back in Second Life®.

One look at the umbrella curving shape of the gores that make up the full skirt makes the dresses modernity evident. However, the fitted waist, the fullness of the skirt, the draped collar and the polka-dot fabric all pay homage to the fashions of half a century ago.

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Baby, It's Cold Outside

We have an arctic front that has those high, whistling winds that just sound cold even when you are indoors.  Sure enough, I started reaching for the warm and cozy clothing so that I could be comfy cozy vicariously as well.  The bulky, knit Jackie sweater that is sure to be huggably warm is from MiaMai. The aubergine cigarette pants are from Ingenue. And of course, cold weather is when you want to stay inside. You will surely enjoy this special live concert recording of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong singing that delightfully sexy song – and extemporizing to make it even more fun than usual.

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Bloganista at Home: Gardening!

posted by Gidge Uriza

We own a bizarre parcel of mainland, bizarre because we bought it piecemeal for the prims and therefore we don’t have a nice big chunk but rather have a chunk plus a swath.

Lately, though, I’ve been expanding my dwelling area to include the swaths – as “vacation” land – outside our regular estate area.  When I received a garden kit from MishMash I decided it was a perfect addition to the little rustic area I’ve been putting together next to my river.

Sigh, gardening? Really? I mean, it’s so DIRTY! And you get SWEATY! AH-HA – not with this lovely point and click set from Mishmash. You just CLICK to choose your crop and voila – they grow! Continue reading

I Went to Wretched Hollow

I read in New World Notes that Wretched Hollow was one of the most popular sims on Koin-Up last week, so I popped over to see why. Well, it’s bucolic with a dash of the mystical. It even has a glass conservatory. What’s not to photograph. Since it was such a romantic scene, I decided to shoot this romantic flowered dress from sonatta morales. I made it slightly more romantic than the original intent by editing the texture just a tiny bit – making the skirt semi-sheer instead of opaque.

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Do You Dare?

Chance Greatrex of DARE makes some amazing poses. He doesn’t have a vast inventory, but instead has created some very specialized poses such as those recreating the art of Richard Longo or these editorial poses from high fashion photographers.  They are particularly difficult poses to make and still successfully avoid strange torsions and ugly twisting of the mesh, but he manages to make it work.

When I saw this baby doll nightie at Ardigraf Design Group, I decided that it would be a fun outfit to use for a shoot using his editorial poses since it is too sheer and skimpy to hide pose failures.  Besides, I have no idea how many times someone has asked if I knew where to find a nightie…and now at long last, I do.

It happens that posemaker Chance Greatrex posed for my Double Take project as well.

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Hair Fair Short Hair

I decided to sort the hair by style and show them to you in groups of short, long, updos and so on. This first post shows you some of the short hair at Hair Fair. I actually got several more short hair styles but they were men’s styles and I thought I would rather show you that as a group. Some of these I tinted to get closer to the red I prefer.

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