Skin Fair Gets Ready to Kick Off

I like vintage swim suits a lot. I suppose it’s because half of SL has their bits hanging out all the dang time, I find it more alluring to cover mine up.

Surf Co. has an offering of summer funtimes items at The Arcade and this not so little bikini is one of them.

I thought it was a great time to trot out a bikini when I’m ready to launch into what will probably we a WEEK of really sharing great skins from skin fair. Yes, a week. There is a lot of awesome.

My goals for Skin Fair this year are two fold. One goal is to find a new every day go to skin to add to my repertoire. I have a handful of trusted, quality skinners that I wear regularly. But it feels like branching out and adding another one or two is in order. Who knows what gems I will find? My other goal is to stretch my wings and try out skins that while they might not be me, are creative and inviting to wear. 

I’m going to kick it of with PXL Creations.

I am wearing the skin out of the box as it comes, in the freckled version, in pale tone.  There are layers of brow colors, lip glosses, beauty marks,nail cover etc available, and a non-freckle version of every make up.  I did not choose to change my eyebrow color, this is the medium eyebrow color.

PXL will always be on my list of every day “perfect to wear with anything” skins because of the overall quality and variety I always have in their skins. The lipsticks of JADE for skin fair and fun and not as traditional as Hart sometimes creates. That is not a criticism however, his traditional lipsticks are counted on by me 🙂 for classic looks and gorgeous photos.

Jade’s been available since about September, so the skin fair releases are new lip colors and I think they are a lot of fun. PXL is also one of the groups I think it ALWAYS pays to be a member of the VIP group for, as Hart routinely gives out skin gifts throughout the year which are flawless.

For a more complete look at the body, check out Darkley.

Gidge Is Wearing:

BikiniL[Surf Co.] Giraffes Bikini – Luau THE ARCADE
Lashes: Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 6
Wedding Ring: EarthStones Destiny Bridal Set – Gold
Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Elegant
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Haters
Shape: Gidge ~Savoir Faire Shapes~
Eyes: IKON Eternal Eyes – Periwinkle (S)

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