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Bippity Boppity Bloom

Please Let Me In!

Salagadoola two chicks'll boola Gidgery-Cajsary-boo === Put 'em together and what have you got Gidgery-Cajsary-boo

Our story opens at Hollow Hill’s Arkham Theatre where Gidgery Bloom is trying to buy a ticket for They Call Me Cthulhu. Gidgery pleads, “Please let me in, I swear I am over 17.”

Cajsary scoffs, “Over 17 inches, maybe.”

Bloom Dolls on the Hunt

Salagadoola mechicka boola Gidgery-Cajsary-booWe'll do magic === believe it or not Gidgery-Cajsary-boo

Gidgery was undaunted. “Well, if you won’t let me in, let’s go do the Platinum Hunt.” “Hmm, Blooms on the Hunt. Sounds fun,” muses Cajsary. “The film for the  movie has melted anyway.”

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Gidgery Bloom Strikes a Pose

I would like you to meet my dolly alter-ego, Gidgery Bloom.

Gidgery is even more girly and prissy than me.  Her biggest concern was that she could maintain proper accessories in her dolly shape. THANK GOD SHE COULD !

Now I’m going to wait for the rest of my dolly friends to have a picnic! And after that, the oral sex.

Happy Sunday!

Your Shopping List:
Gidgery Bloom Shoot
DOLL AV – from Surf Co – BLOOM Doll – BOO
Hair – EXILE – Penny – Pearl
Top – A-bomb – Daisy Cami – Lavender
Pants -Ibizarre – Leather Pants for culture shock
Shoes – Miamai – Mina – in Rose for Shoe Fair
Nails – Ibizarre – Dark violett
Earrings – Miao Lila for Culture Shock
Bangles – Miao – Jouney for culture shock
Rings – Right Hand – Miao – Frances – Statement Ring
Left hand – Dark Mouse – Brilliance
Poses – STaTUS babydoll poses