Gidgery Bloom Strikes a Pose

I would like you to meet my dolly alter-ego, Gidgery Bloom.

Gidgery is even more girly and prissy than me.  Her biggest concern was that she could maintain proper accessories in her dolly shape. THANK GOD SHE COULD !

Now I’m going to wait for the rest of my dolly friends to have a picnic! And after that, the oral sex.

Happy Sunday!

Your Shopping List:
Gidgery Bloom Shoot
DOLL AV – from Surf Co – BLOOM Doll – BOO
Hair – EXILE – Penny – Pearl
Top – A-bomb – Daisy Cami – Lavender
Pants -Ibizarre – Leather Pants for culture shock
Shoes – Miamai – Mina – in Rose for Shoe Fair
Nails – Ibizarre – Dark violett
Earrings – Miao Lila for Culture Shock
Bangles – Miao – Jouney for culture shock
Rings – Right Hand – Miao – Frances – Statement Ring
Left hand – Dark Mouse – Brilliance
Poses – STaTUS babydoll poses

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