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Quiet Contradictions

I love when designers do the unexpected and take something that has been around a long time and use it in a new way. The Fall/Winter collection from Legal Insanity is all about fusing contradictory elements into something new and exciting. One element is the fabric. Through most of the collection, designer Datrip Blackbart uses traditional menswear fabrics – pinstripes and plaids. However, you never see them made into the traditional suit. For the men, they show up in dropped-crotch pants and hoodies and other urban casuals. Meanwhile, for women you see the quiet contradiction of the traditional menswear pinstripe in a strapless formal gown. These pieces deny the expected and take us in an unexpected direction – but more importantly, they work. Looking at this gorgeous pinstripe gown, you can see how perfectly it works.
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What All the Fashionable Gladiator Are Wearing


One of the dresses that entranced me at AVENUE Fashion Week was this one from Zanze. It’s called Clarice and features a bodice made of chain mail with intriguing triangle cutouts where the bodice meets the waist of the leather shirt, a scintillating little detail that makes the dress. It is so very fun to see these oh-so-masculine and martial materials being employed in a very feminine form, in a dress that except for that telling detail at the waist, is very traditional in its silhouette.

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I Love Rock and Roll


I love Rock and Roll almost as much as Joan Jett does. I am feeling particularly rock and roll today in this rockin’ outfit from Gizza with a boost from Baistice and MiaMai. Gizza’s Anarchy outfit includes sleeveless mesh tees that can be worn for a bit more coverage and a leather biker cap. It’s a hot rock outfit, with glam elements such as the quilted leather skirt and the gold chain belt. I wanted to add to the glam, though, so I added a jacket from Baiastice full of gold studs. It comes in several colors and I was tempted to go for black, but decided I like the use of silver with gold.

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Back in the Saddle Again


This has been a long week while my computer was away getting its logic board replaced. They replaced the battery plugin and the bottom keyboard and cursor touchpad as well because they decided they were not up to snuff. I am thrilled to have it back after 5 days of using a 9 year old computer to browse the web. My old desktop is fine for playing iTunes and checking mail, but coughed and spluttered and ground to a halt when trying to look at flickr. In this outfit, I am wearing a new jacket from Baiastice with a Baistice skirt from last month and a black shirt from Kyoto Couture. I love the look of the Western style tie and the black on black with the jacket.

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O Frabjous Day!


I am feeling celebratory today and what better color for a happy mood that purple – or more specifically mulberry. Gizza recently released this military coat. The military inspiration is shown not only in the rows of shining buttons on the wide lapel and the trim fit in the waist. I paired it with gorgeous winter weight dress pants from Baiastice and a top from Sakide.

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