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Custom Skins With MOZZ Mix!

I was eyelash shopping the other day, when Gogolita sent me to MOZZ to check out theirs. While I was there, I found that they offer this super cute way to build your own custom skin via tattoo layers.

I said, SELF, you should blog that, it’s a cute idea.

But, I’m all broke and shiz and made a note in my handy planner to come back. Then, yesterday, while searching in my never ending closet for my new eyelashes for a blog post BLAM….I realized…..

that sweet lady from MOZZ had sent me her everything basically back in November. But Cajsa was sick and my mind was elsewhere so….this is an I’M SORRY I FORGOT TO AT YOUR STUFF POST. But also, it’s a sweet coincidence because I totally going back soon!

So…..HOW does it work? Continue reading