Custom Skins With MOZZ Mix!

I was eyelash shopping the other day, when Gogolita sent me to MOZZ to check out theirs. While I was there, I found that they offer this super cute way to build your own custom skin via tattoo layers.

I said, SELF, you should blog that, it’s a cute idea.

But, I’m all broke and shiz and made a note in my handy planner to come back. Then, yesterday, while searching in my never ending closet for my new eyelashes for a blog post BLAM….I realized…..

that sweet lady from MOZZ had sent me her everything basically back in November. But Cajsa was sick and my mind was elsewhere so….this is an I’M SORRY I FORGOT TO AT YOUR STUFF POST. But also, it’s a sweet coincidence because I totally going back soon!

So…..HOW does it work?

Well, first you pick a skin tone base.

This is CREAM.

And then you build via tattoo layers. I started with lips! She has several different types of lips so you can pick what suits you best. I don’t change my shape for nuffin so this is exactly as they look without shape mod.

As you can see, they don’t all completely suit me. But – that’s what’s awesome, I can just pick out which does. Which you can see below.

I chose lips style 2 and then started through eye makeups. These are just a VERY short sampling. She’s got a great range from wild to conservative.

Next you have to pick out eyebrows.  Lots of choices, from WHO’S THAT GIRL to perfect with blonde – eh?

You can also add extras like teeth or freckles or beauty marks.

But, I’m not a toothy girl.

So this is my final product!

Check out Mozz. It’s the most fun I’ve had building a skin since the Soda Skin Maker website (which is still under construction!)

Style Notes:

All Skin, Makeup, Lashes etc – MOZZ

Hair – TRUTH – Kelsey – Swedish

Eyes – Poetic Color – Lavender Field

Panties and Nipple Tape – Amperlope

Poses – Clique

0 thoughts on “Custom Skins With MOZZ Mix!

  1. galacaproni

    Seriously i’m confused… when i put on one tattoo layer it takes the others off…. do you have to be in viewer 2 for the multiple alpha layers to work?

  2. Monica Querrien

    @galacaproni : Yes, unfortunately you would need viewer 2 (or Kirstens Viewer I think) to be able to wear up to 5 tattoos at once.

    I wish I could wear lipstick and eyeshadow at same time…hehe 🙂

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