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A Piece of Cake


I guess one way for diabetics to have their cake is in the form of a dress like this colorful confection from CheerNo. It comes in all all the bright flavorful colors, blue, pink, yellow, purple, red and green. I went for green because that bright green looks like it could power the universe. Made of a simple sleeveless bodice with four flounces of color for a skirt in three shades of cake frosting and one layer of black on top, it’s like a very, very, very dark chocolate with three flavors of frosting. It looks delicious.


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I’ve been shopping. I can’t help it. Sometimes I have to buy stuff. Horns + Winter Boots = Hooker Horned Beast. At least that’s what I’ve been calling this for the past few days that I’ve been going around like this. Yes, I’ve been dressed like this for three days. And going shopping. I can’t help it. Continue reading

Modavia Fashion Week 2011.09


I arrived early and settled in for a great runway show at Modavia Fashion Week. Organizers ask the audience to keep their Avatar Rendering Cost under 1500 which can be a challenge when the entire room is full of fashionistas who want to look great. At a fashion show you cannot use some of the options to reduce lag that you can at a fair. For example, if I used my regular strategy of limiting the number of avatars that rez, the models would not rez.
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And Now for Something Completely Different


As you can see, despite having worn this dress for a few days while I ran hither and yon and snapped and screenshotted for three different tutorials, this dress has resisted all stains and wrinkles. I think it’s perfect travel wear and should go with you on all your journeys. The top and skirt are from Fashionably Dead and are beautifully made. I love the understated colors in these pieces and the rich details such as the floral print inset on the skirt and the little buttons on the sleeves.
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The Geometry of Sound


Of course I had to check out SL 3.0 and mesh clothing. I was curious about how it looked, how it behaved and needed to see more than someone else’s experience to really understand it. The moment it clicked for me was when I tried to click the edit window, not to edit it but to move it just a mm higher and discovered when the say you cannot edit it, they really mean you cannot edit it. I had presumed they just meant I could not resize it for my shape, which is also true. Luckily for me, the large size Jane skirt fit my shape, though giving me more booty than I am used to. I only wanted to raise it a hair because of the belt, not the skirt itself. I edited the belt instead, turning it a bit so its orientation didn’t have it cut into the skirt.
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You Know Something Is Great

jun 25_007

Every once in a while something comes along and you see it everywhere – dozens of bloggers blog it, everyone wears it and when you try to buy it, the store is full. The thing is, you know you are going to make the effort to get there and wait in the lag for it to rez because you know it will be great. The Ara top from MiaMai is just one of those things. What’s my first clue? Olela, Gidge and I all just shot it to blog – a confluence of fashion love never seen before at It’s Only Fashion. The thing is, this top is so well done and so fun that it overcame my usual preference for full-length tops. I don’t often wear a short cropped top, but this one won my heart with its sassy prints and gorgeous sculpted folds.
jun 25_003
Unlike my Ara-wearing compatriots, I didn’t wear jeans, opting for the wrap skirt from G. Field. I love this skirt and didn’t find it necessary to wear the alpha layer to prevent my glitch pants from peeking through. To be honest, I find making my hips invisible a bit freakier than an occasional peek of glitch pants.
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Chic Will Be Spelled Ch1c for the next Two Weeks


Ch1c Management is celebrating its first anniversary in Second Life with a blowout celebration. Almost 100 stores have created something special to celebrate and the theme is Ch1c. Ad you can see, the folks at SLebster’s Dictionary have revised the spelling of Ch1c for the duration. Speaking of ch1c, I have to laud the design of this body suit from Nemesis that I have paired with a Lelutka skirt. It comes with two sleeve prims that you can wear or leave off depending on the style you want.
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