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This fun sundress from Ingenue for Vintage Fair had me reaching for some rockabilly and the incomparable Wanda Jackson. Some people say she is the female Elvis, but frankly, Elvis is the male Wanda Jackson.

Oh, great good golly, he thrills me so
When the apple of my eye whispers in my ear
I get real speechless and I act so shy
And all I can say is neenie-neenie-ny
I get tongue tied, ooh
I get tongue tied, yeah
I go, well ah-ah-ah…
What I’m tryin’ to say is
I love you, yeah!


I added so stockings from League which are super sexy with their garters and the hot Pinup Pumps from N-Core.

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Don’t You Mess with the Messer

Vintage Fair - Loovus Dzevaror

This stunning gown from Loovus Dzevavor for Vintage Fair is another of those gowns that I can imagine being worn by one of the great singers, singing songs of passion and power. Perhaps even that old, old blues wonder, Don’t Mess with the Messer

I’m gonna cross the crosser
I’m gonna cheat the cheater
I’m gonna use the user
and then beat the beater
You can’t mess with the messer
The messer gonna mess with you

Vintage Fair - Loovus Dzevaror

I have not had space to rez my old house from Y’s House in ages, but I do now so I have pulled it out of my inventory and decided to snap some pictures before I furnished.

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Mirror, Mirror on the Floor: A Tutorial


What with Snow White, Snow White and Snow White, it’s about time we had some mirrors in Second Life. It seemed a logical next step after the reflections in the previous tutorial, though I was more in the market for a homey little mirror rather than some grand baroque masterpiece with a talking head. Though, that makes me wonder if there were a talking head on a prim just under the water…

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