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Are you a Chiffonzie?


A chiffonzie is a designer who automatically reaches for the silk chiffon when making a dress. It’s a new term coined by some Project Runway competitors to refer to a small cadre of drape-addicted designers who seem to only design with silk chiffon. Appolonia Criss is not a chiffonzie. She uses all sorts of fabrics and designs highly structured as well as soft, flowing work. However, this silk chiffon dress is a wonderful example of what a chiffonzie can do – make a delightfully feminine froth of a dress.

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Projectors Made Easy as 123

BAIASTICE @ Vintage Fair

Since Gidge and I have been playing with projectors lately, a few people have checked out the tutorials and asked a few questions about how to do it. So Gidge got the great idea of setting up a pose box with the projector and light leak texture built right in along with some poses situated in the sweet spot where the projectors come together. Thus the Status Dual Projector Box 1.0 was born. It makes taking fun pictures as easy as 123. But first, let’s take a look at this gorgeous top and skirt from Baiastice for Vintage Fair. It comes in several colors and you can put the same color top and skirt together to look more like a dress, but I love hot pink and lime – they are just the perfect expression of summer. I love the easy style of the top and skirt with the great details that make it special, like the inset belt and the soft pleating at the hem of the skirt.

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The Eighties Are Vintage, Too


Vintage is such a flexible word. When you watch the red carpet and a dress is described as vintage Versace or Galliano, it could be as little as two seasons old. In general, though, vintage means clothing that’s 25 years old or older which takes us back to 1987 – the year the Speedo became the most fashionable swimsuit and big, bold graphic shirts over leggings were ubiquitous. So were bright colors and lots of embellisment. This top from Loovus Dzevavor’s clothing label LD Major screamed 80s to me, so I dug out some leather leggings from Peqe and decided to get physical.

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